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Welcome back to Total Drama High School!
Last time, the contestants had to do a challenge
doing a dangerous race. Lisa won, and Lucy got
eliminated for bad attitude! What will happen next?

Alright, 당신 guys, before we get to the
challenge, I have a horrifying surprise for you.
All: What?
Well, this is going to be crazy, but...Ashley is Disqualified.
All: *Gasp*
That is why she's not here right now, I told her this morning and
she packed her bags and left. Somebody's still going to be eliminated,
All: Oh my gosh...
Anyways, let's get to the challenge!...
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(AT 선실, 캐빈 #3)
Mack: Anybody have any nachos?
Lucy: Goodness, shut up, Mack!
Fay: That's mean, Lucy.
Lucy: Well that's the tenth time he asked that.
Zoey: Your point is...?
Lucy: Am I demonstrating a point here, Zoey? HUH?
(AT 선실, 캐빈 #1)
Lisa: 저기요 Jared
Jared: 저기요 Lisa ;D
Lisa: How are you?
Jared: Fine, thank you.
Rayven: Are 당신 two going to flirt 또는 something?
Both (Jared and Lisa): NO!
Rayven: Haha, I'm sure 당신 won't...
(AT 선실, 캐빈 #2)
Rikki: Ashley, why are 당신 even here?
Ashley: Well, my owner was desperate
for two 더 많이 contestants, so he made me join.
Rikki: I'm betting that 당신 will win because he
likes you!...
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Chris: Alright the votes have been counted. And the loser is. LARA! Sorry, but uh, I kinda saw it coming so uh. BYE, BYE!

Lara: *sighs* *closes eyes* Fine, I'll leave.

Lara, goes in a car with 캔디 and gifts in it. Chris put those in there so the losers would feel better about losing.

Chris: Kay, now that the elimination ceremony is over were going to add new members to Total Drama LIFE!
Please welcome, Penny and Jakob!

Jake: Uhh, it's JAKE.

Chris: Whatever. I'm going to put 당신 two on the Screaming Liars' team so you'll be having a great time because they're winning! *giggles* Alex Leonard 당신 will be on the Loving Cheaters team.

Alex L: *in confessional* OH MY F*CKING GOD!!! How am I gonna prove to Bree I REALLY like her? *screams like a girl*

Chris: *in confessional* Yeah..... I kinda wanted that to happen to him. *laughs* Until the 다음 episode of Total Drama LIFE!!!
Now, for the challenge...

Today, your challenge will involve your speed! Follow me back to the front of the
school, on the right side!

Today, 당신 all will be running 6 laps!
But 당신 will have to climb over walls, dodge electric wires, Avoid getting pushed into
the mud, and 오리 under the Piethrower Robo 5000! If 당신 don't avoid those obstacles,
you're out!
All: Uh-oh.
Well, 당신 guys better get started! *Blows whistle*

Rayven: *Accidentally pushes Fay into the Mud* Whoops, sorry Fay!
Fay: Hey! What did 당신 do that for?!...
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Welcome to Total Drama High School!

We are having 12 contestants, 10 girls and 2 boys (LOL) to 가입하기 a Boarding School!
Challenges, Drama, Gossip, these people are all going for it! Now, let's just wait
for a person to come.

*10 분 LATER*

Well, here comes one person right now!
*Zoey walks in*
Zoey: Hello!
Hi, Zoey! Welcome to Total Drama High School!
Zoey: Ooh, fun! Am I the first person who entered?
Um, duh! This place does not have anybody else here but me!

Here comes another person, Lisa!
Lisa: I don't want to be in a BORING boarding school.
Well, too bad! >=D
Lisa: *Growls* I...
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Episode 1: it begins

*the sun rises over the city of wawanakwa*

*The people are just starting to go off to work and get started for the 일 ahead*

*trent is in his house finishing his breakfast and getting ready to work at Chris Inc.*

Trent: Ahh this coffee is awesome

Gwen: *yawns* Its just the normal coffee

Trent: yeah I guess *looks at watch* oh got to go *kisses gwen and rushes out the door*

*Meanwhile in the Ruins outside of the city*

*The chris inc team is digging up artifacts*

Intern 1: *digging* 저기요 I think I hit something

Intern 2: What is that Its some kind of shard

*Shadows 옮기기 in the distance*...
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sjs pov

"omigosh can 당신 belive it prom is tomorrow" lulu squeaked in my ear shes a really fun person be around just sometime 당신 need ear plugs
"wow that close" i breathed i still hadnt got monroe to ask me so that was finale i was going to ask him and still have time to go shopping with the girls
"sjs can 당신 hear me hello earth to sjs" lulu sai din my ear little di di know id just drifted off
"umm yea hi lulu i gotta go" i said scooting off i knew she would be upset 의해 that but its easily fixed
"ohh sorry" i heard someone say i turned aroun dto see 레이 talking to noah " i didnt mean to" noah...
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*Jamie,Avan,Bridgette,Jax,Jake,Ray,Rayven,Jar3d, Cody,Lindsay,Duncan,Noah step out of the plane*
Chris: *stops Jordan*
Jordan: what are 당신 doing???
Chris: I just want 당신 to stop!
Zoey: Jordan! Move!
Jordan: I can't chris told me to stop!
Chris: Ok! 당신 14 that are out of the plane 당신 guys are team 1!
Lindsay: ooooooooo! Let's call our selfs Team Win!
Noah: Wow! Real creative!
Chris: Team win! the rest of 당신 are team 2! *Natalie,Ezekiel,Jordan,Alejandro,Penny,Zoey,Annie, Rochelle,Tyler,Sierra,Trent,Courntey,Owen,Abby step out of the plane*
Chris: what is your guys name?
penny: Team USA!
Chris: team...
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Chris: Your challenge is learn an instrament. them preform for me.
Matthew: Um.. chris 당신 do know that lucy can play 13 instraments right?
Chris: Yeah... Oh well she can be with erm.. 당신 matthew.
Lucy: No fucking way. Not again.
Matthew: I'm fine with it. I 사랑 blondes.
Lucy: (takles matthew)
Mizzie: Um... can i be with noah and crysatal?
Chris: Sure. i guess. Pik your partners!
Duncan: I'll be on a team with gwen and Lisa and sofie.
Courtney: Me lindsay, jared and selena.
Zoey: DJ what about me 당신 and Storm?
DJ: sounds (gulps) Great.
Jamie: Jude what about it?
Jude: Sure.
Leeroy: What about me?
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Lucy: Not funny guys!
Matthew: Oh so funny.
Lucy: Why did 당신 dye my hair blonde while i was sleeping?
Matthew: Eh?
Jude: Oh just cause we can. Besides 당신 look hot wiht blonde hair.
Lucy: NO! i want my black hair!
Jamie: Whoa. Lucy what happened to your hair?
Lucy: Matthew and company dyed it while i was sleeping.
Jamie: Oh i'm sorry.
Chris: Oh those yeah i took those. Not allowed on board.
Storm: Oh i will get 당신 Chris! (kicks Chris in the erm... 당신 know)
Chris: (falls to the ground) Mommy?
Storm: Haha worthless...
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posted by lola641
"Welcome to Total Drama TV! I’m your host Mizzie!" I said gesturing to the studio behind me. "This is where 12 contestants will live and take challenges for $1,000,000 and their own TV show! And here come our contestants now!"
I had been told that I would be hosting a TV show about a week ago, but I thought that is was just my brother trying to prank me. Only after I got about one thousand résumés did I know that it wasn’t my brother.
Just about then a rank bus drove up and a girl Penny walked out carrying two bags of luggage.
"Hi TV people!" said Penny.
"Hello Penny!" I said. “Can you...
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Chris:*looks like he's waiting for something*Where is he?!
Chris:Nobody...and because 당신 interupted me,you go first!
The teens,excluding Buddy,Buster,Tak,Bree,and Alex are standing on a cliff,watching Chris and Jordan,Jordan shaking
Chris:Ha!Your challange,is to jump off this insanely large cliff!
Storm:...This wasn't here before...
Chris:This really 랜덤 insanely huge cliff...Jump!
Jordan:No way,man!I can't do this!!!
Storm:Just Jump 당신 pansy!Or I'll make you!
Mizzie:Storm!He isn't on our team! If he jumps,he'll win one for his team!
Storm:Yeah,but if he jumps,there's...
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posted by CodyxGwen
Chris: 저기요 i'm chris! This season on Total Drama we are haveing 6 cuples and they will get in sets of 2! they will go through 사랑 challanges! Lets meet our first cuple! Alejandro and Beth!
Alejandro: Chris do I have to be with her?
Chris: yes yes 당신 do!
Alejandro: Man!
Chris: Naxt cuple is Eva and Ezekiel!
Ezekiel: she scares me eh?
Chris: too bad!
Eva: If 당신 don't wanna get hirt let us win!
Ezekiel: Ok homes!
Chris: 다음 is Bridgette and Trent!
Trent: Can I be with Gwen?
Chris: how do 당신 know she's here?
Trent: she standing over there.
Chris: 다음 is Harold and Heather!
Heather: Please chris Don't...
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themesong plays
The camera zooms up on the teens,walking through the forrest at night,but Alex,Bree,and Tak are missing from the group
Storm:Don't blame me that 당신 로스트 your fellow Earth monkeys! It's their faults they left the group!
Lucy:I hate to say it,but she's right...they did leave the group.
Jacob:Yeah,and they'll find us later,now can we please find a spot to rest.
Jordan:I agree!
Buddy:*is glaring at Buster and Mr.Fluffykins*
Buddy:You too are d*cks.
Buddy:The whole monster thing.I have a headache worse than a hangover and I'm not tired!
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Chris: Ok the challenge is... bungee jumping for team domination and team destiny 당신 get to pick either ripcord 또는 cliff diving. Oh and your new captainis now Courtney.
Courtney: We will do um...
Mizzie: Ripcord!
Courtney: NO!!
Chris: Yes 당신 will do ripcord!
Decide who is going first.
Kari: Leeroy and Me will go first.
Lucy: (frowns) ok fine, i don't care!
Kari: (whispers to Lucy) Jealous?
Lucy: (shouts) I AM NOT JEALOUS!
(everyone looks at Lucy)
Lucy: (blushes) what im not?
Kari: Yes 당신 are and let's go Leeroy.
Leeroy: I'm going first. (jumps) WOOOHOO!!!!! YEAH! (Finishes) Piece of cake.
Kari: Ok here...
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Chris: We are going to confessionals to see what the playes think of other people now.
Dameon: I hate everybody...except Leeroy. He's awesome!
Anthony: No comment.
Hannah: I'm so glad Kari isn't here anymore. She was really mean. Now Matthew is All mine!!
Jude: Yeah everybody is cool. Especially Lucy.
Mizzie: Whoa. Ok i 사랑 noah! hes so tight man.
Lisa: Duncan! Oh and sofie are awesome!
Sofie: WooHoo. Lisa rules!!!
Zoey: What can i say? DJ is cool and i'm so glad that Kari is gone. Ugh. She's like a minature courtney/ heather.
Dj: Yeah everyone is cool. It's not like Storm freaks me out...(blushes)...
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Chris: Welcome back. Ok Campers i am gonna put a twist in. There is some 더 많이 contestents. Meet Crystal.
Crystal: Hey...How's it going?
Chris: Prudence.
Prudence: HEY!!! GOOD TO BE HERE *Squeaks*!!!
Chris: And Selena.
Selena: estos son los idiotas que tengo que jugar? Esto será demasiado fácil!
Chris: What? No foreign languaes!
Selena:muy bien! Me acordaré de esto más adelante en el juego!
Chris: And 더 많이 drama here is... Duncan, Courtney, Lindsay, Noah, DJ, and gwen.
Courtney: Why does Gwen have to be in this?!?!
Chris: Cause i can put her in here...more drama.
Courtney: UGH!
Zoey: Could we please...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
Chris: *throws some boy and girl baby dolls*

Lucy: *catches doll* I get to name him!

Jordan: Nuh- uh!

Lucy: Yuh- huh!

Lucy and Jordan: *while pulling the arms of the doll* Nuh-uh! Yuh-huh! Nuh-uh! Yuh-huh! Nuh-

Chris: *gets between them* Alright already! SHUT UP! 당신 both have to AGREE on the name okay?

Jordan: *whispers* No.

Lucy: *gasps* *slaps Jordan* Do 당신 want to win a million dollars 또는 NOT?

Jordan: *sighs* *to Chris* Continue.

Chris: *throws baby 인형 to the rest of the cast*
Lucy and Jordan, Leeroy and Bree will all KEEP a baby as your own. *throws bottles to cast* Whoever doesn't agree on...
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Chris: Last season on Total drama!! 17 teens fought it out for 1 billion dollors! They had to go through barfy challanges! and some CRAZY Love! But over all the winner was Zoey! One of the niceist girls on the show! She kissed a boy named, Jax! He is a boy right? yeah he is! what will happend on this season Of Total Drama? Total.......... Drama............... Awesomeness!
*theame song*
Chris: We have 3 buses comeing the first bus has the contestents that were in Total Drama Crazy! The 2nd bus has all the TOtal drama Island/Total Dramam Action/ Total Dramam World Tour contestents. The 3rd bus...
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In the race
Jacob kept dodging the knives,but came close to tripping alot.Buddy,however,wasn't doing so well.His hyperness meant that he wasn't paying attention,so he kept stopping and looking at the knives whenever they flew past...until one hit him.Almost jerked out of his hyperness,he pulled the 칼, 나이프 out,and looked at the intern with a deadly look,licking the blade.
Chris:Oh god...BAIL,PHIL,BAIL!
Buddy threw the knife,and stuck him in the back of the neck.He walked oer there and drug the bloody intern away into the forrest brush.
Storm:Um,I-i better go check on them.
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