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Total Drama Horror. Episode 1 Part 1.
"Child's play?'
 Chris:*Smirks.* Welcome! To Canada's very own Lake Wakwanakwa! 또는 as 당신 remember, Total Drama Island. The beginning of the Total Drama series. Oh, Look.. Here come our original 5 campers. 
 Courtney:*Frowning.* Hey.. *Jumps off the boat.* 
 Chris:*Shrugs.* Oh! And here's Gwen! 
Gwen: Oh, Bite me. 
 Chris: Alrighty, Trent! 
Trent: Hey, guys. 
 Chris: Duncan! 
Duncan:*Scowls.* Another shot at ****
Chris: Izzy!
 Izzy:*Swinging on a vine.* Hello! 
 Chris:*Sighs.* Anyway! On with our new members of Total Drama. Zoey! 
 Zoey:*Jumps off the boat.* Hey! *Sees Duncan and blushes.* 
Chris:*Ignores them.* Scout! 
 Scout:*Scowls.* No need for the big intro..
 Chris: Fang? Wait.. What kind of name is Fang? 
 Fang: A name that 당신 will call me. *Glares at Chris.* 
 Chris:*Squeak.* Alrighty then.. Jeyad! 
Jeyad: Whats up! 
 Chris: Dani! 
Dani:*Smirks.* Whos ready to lose? 
 Scout:*Rolls eyes.* 
Chris: Airlia! 
 Airlia:*Smiles widely.* Hiya! 
 Chris: Thalyn! 
Thalyn: Hello! 
 Chris: Lexxi!
 Lexxi: Ello, Good chaps! *Laughs.* 
Gwen: 0.0... Strange. 
 Fang: Agreed.
Chris: Nikita! 
 Nikita:*Smiles flirtaciously.* Hi, Chris. *Sees Noah and smirks.* 
Noah: 0.0 Um.. *Acts uninterested.* 
 Scout: Ugh. Can we get on with the damn show?
 Chris: We will.. When we get back! *Smirks.* Then, We introduce 더 많이 victims.. I mean.. Contestants and we get a little visit from someone special. Trust me, He's a real doll. 
& $€|¥|!¥\*_+€_•|€+\£.+\!\¥_!|¥
 Part 2 coming soon! Please bring in 더 많이 Contestants! Oh. And who's the special contestant?  
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posted by Stellawinx4eva
Name:Serenity&Sunita Rochelle Fayanne Daniella Tailynn Lovette.
Bio:They were always called "the godesses of 사랑 and beauty" because they are known for their setting up people in 사랑 and they just adore it.Their papa died when they were 5 because of a plane crash so they live with mama.Then 10 years later their mama died also and they had to live with their aunt which they didn't like so much so they ran away and then they got jobs and got an apartment.They 사랑 to sing and dance and they even had a career bussiness so fr they made a girl group without 4 people it was the two of...
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chirs:hi everone welcome to goth vs 이모 oh look here comes lucas

lucas:fuck you

chirs:ok now here comes tak

tak:everone hates 당신 chirs

lucas:im with her


chirs:ok 당신 two 사랑 birds

tak:here it comes again we dont like each other were just friends

chirs:ok look here comes 앤젤 the goth girl

angel:wow its so great to be on tv show but it became a nightmare because of these 이모 people


chirs:well here comes andrea

andrea:thanxs 당신 guys might be the other people its great to see 이모 and goth people

chirs:and ashley

angel:hi ashley

ashley:all the stuff...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 i just 사랑 this movie, its my fav movie
i just love this movie, its my fav movie
name: Penny

age: normaly 18 unless i need to change it for some resone

likes: many things. i 사랑 animals, i 사랑 to get dirty, i 사랑 to have fun, party, chill, be hyper, have fun, be with friends, and play sports.

dislikes: people whjo don't try, give up, sas me off, people who THINK they know what there talking about, people who don't listen to inportant information, pretty mutch striaght up bitchy bratts.

freinds: lulu, raven, yuri,sumer/zoey, lyric,(moast fanpopers, and in real liffe are the 다음 people) Jake (because he is my boy frriend) and Ya'vanti, jessice, and austin.

total drama island...
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posted by blenson555
 Normal Rachlle
Normal Rachlle
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In double X's Limo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sue:God,hes a pussy!double X:Now girls it was good of 당신 doing that,but we don't want anything like that again!So wear your normal cloths and i'll see 당신 all 다음 week!Tiffany:Kick ass!*The girls get out of the car*Rachlle:Lets get to 시간 homes and change Sue:How am I supposed to change I'm in my normal cloths!Tiffany:Well this is real spi work,come to my house i'll find cloths that are black for u!Sue:I look like a stupid fucking nerd!Tiffany:What about me?Sue:You look good!Tiffany:Thanks!Part7:Blending in coming soon!
 Normal Tiffany
Normal Tiffany
 Normal Sue
Normal Sue
posted by TDI100
"Wake up wake up" gwen sat up in her 침대 and brushed the sleep out of her eyes
"what time is it ?"she asked
"its 9 am" bridgette repled looking hard at gwen somthings not right thought bridgette gwen still
had her make up on she never slept wih her make up on
"gwen are 당신 alright ?"
"yeh never better " but she was not alright somthing was trouboling her.

bridgette and gwen shared a small flat right in the middle of town they had been on holiday for
2 weeks in scotland and thats were gwen had changed.Bridgette hadnt noticd at first but now
that they were 집 it was getting worse. Gwen used to...
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posted by Mp4girl
After all this time, I didn’t think it would be that memorable, as in, I would remember what happened to me all those years ago. Eight years, eight whole years exactly, from my birthday today, to my birthday back when I was seven. I was childlike, just overcoming the joys of childhood, to unearth what lay behind the happiness of life.. It was my seventh birthday, and I had no idea of what was about to happen.

“Oh, yes!” I shrieked, spreading out my arms and running towards the open blue sea. It was almost sunset, and I was with my twin sister and my parents at the beach.
“Hurry up, Mina,”...
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posted by Random9747649
Courtney woke up the 다음 일 with a mouth full of hair. She sat up quickly and saw that is was Danielle laying 의해 her head. "This place is giving me the creeps and weird dreams" she mumbled. Suddendly she heard a deep loud growl coming from inside somewhere in the large undwerworld. Danielle jolted out of 침대 and landed hind feet first on the floor.

She yawned and showed all of her razor sharp teeth and pointed tongue. Her tail also uncurled as she strecthed, "Morning Courtney" she said cheerfully. "You'd better get up and get dressed so 당신 can start training" Danielle cleaned her face and...
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Courtney's POV: Very much later that night, I lay awake, snuggling a glass picture frame of my parents. Tears dribbled down my cheeks and stained the dark colored 베개 my head was cushioned by. Duncan was already asleep in his bed, where I was also but nothing happened, and it was about two in the morning. I still haven't gotten any sleep, and I was dying to tell Duncan I 사랑 him without being too abrupt.

I missed my parents dearly. I never knew them, and I wish I had. I've heard so many interesting things about them from Tiannah and her Aunt Claire who were neighbors of my parents. My dad...
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The arcade was filled with loud children and a few teenagers, some in private school uniform. It was literally crammed. Courtney was glad she wasn’t claustrophobic.

Duncan whistled lowly near her. “Well, damn, this place is crowded as hell,” he murmured. “I’m going to have to push my way through here 의해 force. I hope the little people won’t get hurt.”

Courtney looked at Duncan with wide eyes. Even though the sentence was a bit on the joking side, she heard a bit of concern in his voice. It made Courtney’s 심장 flutter for some reason.

Duncan caught Courtney smiling at him. “What?”...
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