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-The baby shower-

"Suprise!!!" Yelled a screaming crowd.

The small 불, 화재 hall was filed with a million people. Many were common friends, family, 또는 old students from High school. Walls were decorated with colorful blue and 담홍색, 핑크 streamers. A whole 표, 테이블 was over flowed with presents and gift bags. There was even a big banner up on the 벽 that said "Congratulations on your two little blessings!" with two rattles printed on the sides.

"Oh my gosh! A baby shower?! For me?" Ally says excitingly.
"So that's why 당신 made me stay home! Just so 당신 could surprise me!" She said to Mike.

The tanned boy nods.

"-And we have so much planned!" Courtney said as she approaches the blonde with a list.
(Authors note: 당신 know Courtney and her lists! XD)
"First we have chat n' chew, then games, afterwards we cut the cake, and finally we have gifts!"

The blonde girl couldn't have been happier! She loved what her 프렌즈 and family did for her. After greeting a million people, her  an everyone else ate the best 음식 money could buy. Then it was time for baby games.

"May I have everyone's attention?" Gwen asked loudly, the whole crowd suddenly stopped talking and stared at the goth girl.

"Time for the games! First is guessing the measure. How big do 당신 think the mom-to-be's belly is?"

Bridgette got a long,thin peice of white string and wrapped it around Ally's stomach. Many people were giving 랜덤 answers.

"35 inches!"
"24 inches!"
"50 inches!"

"And the correct answer is..42 inches!" Courtney cheered.

Ally's cousin Tessa won a spa gift basket for guessing correctly. 

The rest of the games went by, as well as the cutting of a glorious white cake. Now, it was time for the gifts.

Ally sat in a large grey chair that was woven out of thick pieces of wood, then she opened the first card she could grab.

"..Not only one baby 당신 having, but two...hope they are sweet and so nice just like you..From Gwen and Trent!" Ally said as she read the card aloud. The blonde started tearing open a small dark red box. Inside were two pairs of Black boots, and Two black onesies. One said, "Daddy's little rockstar" and the other had "Mommy's 가장 좋아하는 Rockstar" both had little guitars printed in them.

"Thanks Gwen! Thank 당신 trent!" Ally said cheerfully.

The 다음 gift was from Bridgette and Geoff. It was two bathing suits, on that had a blue tiger print look with a cute 상단, 맨 위로 and sash bottom. The other was a white and blue swim 셔츠 with dark blue shorts and water shoes.

"Thank guys! These bathing 슈츠 are adorable!"

Ally ripped open 더 많이 presents, which took way 더 많이 time then she thought.

The young mother kept track of the presents in her mind.

A yoga set and tool bench toy from Silent B and Dawn.

A specially made DVD player and custom baby clothes from Dakota and Sam.

Nursery 책 and Puzzles from Duncan and Courtney.

Two big, Toddler jeeps from Lightning and Anne Maria.

Monkey and princess mobile sets and 어린이 침대, 침대 sheets from Noah and Izzy.

Baby Einstein DVDs, books, and a few outfits from Cameron and Jessica.

Headbands, wristbands, dog tags, and camo colored outfits from Jo and Brick.

A baby doll, truck, and multiple-colored sippy cups from Zoey and Clark.

Lastly was two cribs, sheets, pacifiers, way 더 많이 baby clothes, and mattresses from each of Mike and Ally's parents.

About two hours passed 의해 and everyone was packing up and getting ready to leave. As Mike packed away the last box, he slipped an arm around Ally's waist and sneaked her a kiss. The blonde girl laugh.

"You know..you the best boyfriend in the world!" Ally squealed with delight.

Mike kissed her soft 담홍색, 핑크 lips and hugged the girl.

"-And your the best girlfriend in the world.." , Mike answered lovingly. 

The couple left the 불, 화재 hall and rode peacefully home. Sleeping peacefully in their be that night, waiting for the arrival of their babies.

Srry I still haven't wrote in a few 더 많이 days! I didn't have much inspiration! I know this chapter is short. Anyway, forgive me..and comment!


Chris: tsk tsk tsk....Smart Cookies! 당신 guys are total LOSERS!
Lisa:*puts her head down is shame* Yep losers!
Chris: Ok so all the ppl who weren't 동물 are safe! Soooo Kyoya,Brittani,Gena,Carly,Lauren,Bridgette,Geoff,Gwen,Beth,Harold,Heather,Ezekial,Honey,Kaoru,and Haruhi!
*all get a apple*
Chris:Ok now for the rest...Lisa,Izzy,Karen, and...............Mori!
Mori:*gets an apple*
*Girls gasp*
Chris:Sorry Owen, 당신 have been eleminated!
Owen:Awwww..well Bye guys!!
Geoff:See ya dude!
Carly:*hugs owen* Bye big guy!!
Owen:*squezes carly*Bye Carly!
Carly:O-Owen....your crushing...
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posted by Trent-lover123
다음 day

Roxy:Hey hikaoru and koaru lets set up karens and kyoyas weding tee hee. Koaru:I will get the weding cake. Hikoaru:I will get the 꽃 and peddles. Tamiki:WHAT THERE GETING MARRIED!!! Roxy&twins:fooled 당신 hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!Andrea:Hey wair are they anyway??? Karen:Kyoya I gess we have a relation ship right? Kyoya:I gess so, so girlfriend what do 당신 want to do. Karen:hmmmm 당신 now we shou.... Roxy&twins:YOU GUYS ARE HUCKING UP THAT IS SO CUTE WHAT ARE 당신 GOING TO DO FIRST HUH HUH HUH!!!!! karen&kyoya:YOU GUYS ARE SO ANOYING SO GET OUT AF ARE BESNESS AND HOW...
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(After Cody and Jacki's date)

so how was it-Brittani
it was awesome-Jacki
so what happened-Duncan
well we went out to 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 and then we made out and then he asked me to be his girlfriend-Jacki
ewwwwwww 당신 made out with Cody-Duncan
yeah he's hot-Jacki
your gross-Duncan
no she's not Cody is hot but not hotter then you-Brittani
exactly what she said-Jacki
wait 당신 think im hot ah HAHAHAHAHHA IT HURTS ALOT-Duncan
no i used to think 당신 were hot until 당신 became a womanizer-Jacki
whatever 당신 dig me-Duncan
no i dont i have a boyfriend-Jacki
Duncan shut up before 당신 get your 나귀, 엉덩이 kicked-Brittani
she wont, come...
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posted by 789703011
a heatherxnoah story
    (the other 일 i was watching tv when i came across zoey 101 well in the ep. a couple where datein but they didn't want any1 2 know so i made a re mix of that and hear it is)
heathers p.o.v
    as i walked down the hall way of my new school that chris had bought just 4 the ppl that went 2 tdi, i hated it onley 1 lunch 표, 테이블 and 22 seats in every class room i never got away from thes ppl 일 after 일 after 일 i hated them and they hated me but some how i was regrentin it did i relly want EVERY1 2 hate me.i...
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posted by TDI-Heather
This fanfic is about a mystery TDI girl. It may be obvious who it is though. I try and keep it mysterious. Anyway here is my first chapter!

The teenage girl sat awake in her 침대 all night long. She occasionally got up to use the restroom 또는 get a snack. She got herself up and over to the window. She pulled the curtain away only to see the dark of the night. Even the 거리 lights had burned out. She sighed and walked to the closet. She grabbed some clothes and took a shower. After she had finished getting ready, she went outside to take a walk. She walked alone that night, just as she did every...
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