Total Drama Island Fancharacters Asylum for the Crazy and Criminally insane RP

dxarmy423 posted on Nov 18, 2011 at 12:58AM
This is gonna be a RP that takes place in an Asylum.

You can try to escape, or just have crazy adventures.


1. You don't have to be an inmate, you can be a doctor, nurse, janitor, security guard or what ever.

2. If you plan to escape please continue your story

3. No killing please unless you ask the person

4. Please keep it down to 5 OC's per person



7. You can have supernatural stuff or powers but please keep them under control

8. Rules will be added if needed

Have fun!
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over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
(I'm just gonna enter Crystal, Jake, Demetry, and Nigel! :D)

*a truck stops in front of the Asylum, and two gaurds drag out a 17 year-old boy with tanned skin and a soul patch out. They then drag him to the check-in desk*

Officer: So, what cell should we throw this one is?
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*At the Check in desk*

Nurse: First, whats his name and what did he do?

*In the Maximum security section*

Cole: *in his cell, with a straight jacket on*

Nurse: ok Cole time to take your meds

Cole: what ever

Nurse: *gives cole his meds then walks into the hall*

Cole: *spits out the pills when the nurse leaves* Not gonna get me that easily

*In the Hall, outside cole's cell*

Nurse 2: why is that kid, in the max security section

Nurse 1: He was in that city that exploded, kept saying he was an electric man so they sent him here

Nurse 2: oh

Nurse 1: he kept breaking the lights in his cell, so they put him in the max security

Nurse 2: poor kid
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
Officer: His name is Nigel Derick Brooks. He's here because he was found looming over his dead sister - who was stabbed to death. Since there was no one else in the area; we assumed he was the murderer.

Nigel: I. Didn't. Kill. Her! *starts to stuggle*

Officer: *gets a good grip on him* As you can see; he obviously is insane and needs to be here.

-meanwhile, in a random cell-

Crystal: *has a straight jacket on, and is rocking back and fourth while humming "My Lullaby"*

-Outside the cell-

Intern: *sees Crystal* Wow....whats her problem?

Nurse:'s complicated. All we know is that she went insane, and killed a dozen people to prove a point.

Intern: *gets wide eyed* Oh.....
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over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the Main lobby*

Nurse: ok, throw his ass into maximum security cell 6, the one next to the "electric man"

Nurse: and if he gives you any trouble, zap him with the stun gun

*In Cole's Cell*

Cole: *rips his straight jacket off* I know I'm not crazy, I have electric powers

Cole: *looks at the lights in his room* I can't reach those lights, they're too high up and the power is from outside the room

Cole: I feel so drained in this horrible place

*In the exercise yard*

Alice: *sitting on a bench* they say I'm getting better, I doubt it

Alice: I can see time better than any person, I can slow it down at will

Alice: they say its a disease and they make me feel bad

Alice: I know I have some kind of power but idk how to use it *sighs*
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
Officer: Got it. *drags Nigel into the double doors*

-in the Hallway-

Nigel: *still strugling* PlEASE! Just listen to me; I didn't kill my sister!

Officer: Yeah, yeah, thats what they all say. *finally gets to a random cell, and opens it* Here you go; a nice little cell. Oh, and, your roomie is a phyco who belives in monsters. Have fun. *throws Nigel in*

-In cell-

Nigel: *looks around* H-hello?

*suddenly, Demetry coomes out of the shadows*

Demetry: Hello. My names Demetry. *smiles crazily*

Nigel: *gulps* I-I'm Nigel.....

-In Crystal's cell-

Crystal: *has heard everything in the hall* Hm....a new arrival, eh? *smirks* I have to tell the others!

-after she gets escorted to the exercise yard-

Crystal: *runs up to Alice* Hey, Alice, the gaurds just brought another phyco in! And, get this, he's rooming with monster boy! *laughs insanly*
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over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the exercise yard*

Alice: *sighs* well lets go see the new kid *walks back into the building*

*In the Hall*

Nurse: *opens Cole's cell* ok Cole its time for your hour of exercise

Cole: *smirks* fine *walks down the hall*

Nurse: you should be happy to know that there's a new inmate here

Cole: *walking down the hall* really?

Nurse: His file says he snapped and stabbed his sister to death

Cole: brutal

Nurse: thats his cell

Cole: *looks into Nigel's cell* well well its the psycho sister killer *laughs*

Cole: have fun with monster boy *walks down the hall*
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
Nigel: *calls out* I....I didn't kill her! *turns back to Demetry, and gulps* So...uh....they calll you Monster boy?

Demetry: *smirks* Yeah. You see; I believe in every monster out there! Big foot, Dracula, Werewolves, Mummies, Nessy, and, heck, even Slenderman! I believe in them because they ALL exixst! *laughs insanly*

Nigel: *gets a scared look* W-well...uh....yeah....I-I guess they could exist...

Demetry: *smirks evilly* You think I'm nuts, don't you? Well, if you don't believe me, I won't believe you! I say you did kill your sister!

Nigel: .........

-in the extersise yard-

Crystal: Yay! We get to see the new psycho! *skips after Alice*
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over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
~The Isolation cell*
Katie: *Laying on her back with her hands on her stomach, staring at the blank, white ceiling* I don't care if I'm stuck in here. I will kill whoever did this to you, mom. I won't stop nothing!
Nurse: Katherine, I brought you some water.
Katie: *Sits up with a black expression and walks to the nurse* Thank you.
Nurse: *Turns around to grab Katie's med off of the tray* And here's your meds...
Katie: *Grabs her by the collar and slams her face into the bars, knocking her out* Hmm. *Takes the keys from the nurse's pocket and unlocks the cell* Dumb-asses. *Drags her in the cell and switches clothes with her*
~The hall~
Katie: *Covers face with hat and shows the guard the pass*
Guard: *Opens the door for Katie from the control room*
Katie: *Walks out of the door humming and swing her keys around on her finger*
Guard2: Finger prints please, ma'am.
Katie: Of course. *Walks to the desk and presses her finger against the ink pad* And... *Presses her finger on the paper*
Guard2: Thank you... *Analyzes finger prints* Hmm. Nothing strange here. You're not a patient, so you're free to go.
Katie: *Nods and walks out*
~Outside the gate of the exercise yard~
Katie: *Takes off latex gloves she used for the finger print samples* This is bound to work! I'm a genius... I've only been here for three weeks and this is the third time I've actually gotten out of here. *Sees Alice, and pulls her hat over her eyes* Dammit. Just don't say anything! *Coughs and keeps walking*
Kyo: *Handcuffed, being brought into the facility* Huh? *Notices Katie, looking shady*
Katie: *Catches a quick glimpse of Kyo and keeps walking*
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
Nurse: *opens the door to Nigel's cell* Alright boys; it's your one hour of extersise.

*they both walk out, and Crystal is walking the opposite direction*

Crystal: Hello new guy! I'm Crystal, and I'm glad theres another murderer around here! *laughs insanly*

Nigel: *gets worried look* did you-

Crystal: I know everything about all the new people who come through here!
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the Exercise yard*

Nurse: ok cole, you have one hour

Cole: what ever

Alice: *sees Katie* A new nurse? that can't be right

Cole: The guards aren't looking I should break for it, I need electricity

Alice: *sits down on the steps* why is that nurse acting weird

Cole: *runs down the field and starts climbing up the fence*

Nurse: *hits the alarm* Escaping inmate!!!!!!

*Guards run into the exercise yard*

Nurse: this Asylum is on lock down!
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
*the alarm goes off*

Nigel: Whats going-

Crystal: Asylum break! *hits the nurse over the head, and smirks at Demetry and Nigel* Come on boys; we're taking over!

Demetry: Aw yeah!

Nigel: *thinking: first day here, and theres a really am crazy. Nice.
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the Exercise yard*

Cole: *climbing the fence* Have to get out of here!

Guard: *throws cole off of the fence*

Cole: *starts fighting the guards*

Guard: *hits cole with a taser*

Cole: *falls to the ground, out cold*

*By the building*

Guards: *hit Crystal and Demetry with tasers*

Guard: *tackles Nigel and punches him in the face repeatedly*

Alice: *runs by the guards and back to her cell* TOO MUCH NOISE!!

*In Alice's cell*

Alice: SHUT UP!! *makes time slow down til it almost stops*
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
Crystal and Demetry: *pass out immediantly*

Nigel: *almost passes out, bust somehow manadges to keep his contiousness*

-In a cell somewhere-

Jake: *somehow hears the noise, and smiles* seems the place is getting rallied. *laughs evilly*
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over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Guards: *throws Crystal and Demetry into their cells*

Guard: Take the new prisoner to shock therapy!

Guards: *takes Nigel to a room in the middle of the building*

*In Cole's cell*

Cole: ugh *starts to wake up* did I get out?

Cole: *can't move because he is in another straight jacket* s***!

*In Alice's cell*

Alice: *makes time go back to normal* ugh I hate when that happens
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over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
*the nurses strap Nigel into a chair, and hook up electric things all over his body. A doctor then comes in*

Doctor: Well, heres a new face.

Nigel; *gulps* Look, I wasn't apart of the attempted es- *gets shocked* AAAAHHHH!

Doctor: *smirks* Doesn't feel good does it? You know....I love torturing people like you; people who actually deserve it. Since your new; I might as well aquant myself with you. My names Doctor Graves, and I manedge all shockings. So, you know me, so, tell me...what are in for.

Nigel: ........

Doc Graves: *glares, and shocks Nigel* I asked you a question boy! You always answer me when I ask a question!

Nigel: AAHH! I...I'm Nigel, and I've been falsley acused!

Doc Graves: Really? Well, for what?

Nigel: For.........for........for killing my little sister - which I didn't!

Doc Graves: *glares and shocks Nigel* Why am I not suprised. You know, people like you make me sick to my stomach. You killed you little sister....I hope you burn in hell.
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over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Catches a quick glimpse of Alice and keeps walking, but speeds up her pace*
~The gate~
Katie: *Stops at a pad lock* Huh? What the hell is this? *Digs in her pocket for her ID*
Guards: *Walking, back from lunch* Hey, newbie!
Katie: O-O
Guard1: How's it going?
Katie: *Thumbs up*
Guard2: *Pats her shoulder* Terrific.
Katie: *Hat falls off* D8 Sh**. *Takes off running*
Guard2: She' fast!
Guard1: You're letting a 15 year old newbie outrun you?
Guard2: Shut up and catch her! >.<
Guard3: *Grabs her wrist*
Katie: *Knees guard3 in the stomach and steals his tazer and suns a nurse* HA! TAKE THAT! >:D *Takes off running again*
~The crafting room~
Kyo: *Staring at jigsaw puzzle pieces* How old do these idiots think I am? ...67? *Looks out of the window and sees Katie running for her life* O-O
over a year ago nocofangirl218 said…
*the alarm goes off*

Nurse: *comes into the shock room* Doctor Graves; theres another prison escape!

Doc Graves: Okay....I'll be right there. *get up* Now, don't you go missing me Nigel. I'll be back as soon as we catch this psycho. *leaves, and locks the door so Nigel can't escape*

-at the gate-

*a ton of gaurds are in front of it*

Gaurd 1: We've got her now!
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over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
~Four hours later, Katie's cell~
Katie: *Head-desk*
Nurse: *Walks in with two other guards* Katherine! ^-^
Katie: What? -_-
Nurse: It's time to go to the library! Would you care to join us?
Katie: *Gets up and holds her arms out*
Nurse: It's fine, I trust you. ^-^
Katie: Yeah right. You trust me? Then why do you have those two gorilla looking dudes with you?
~The library~
Kyo: *Sitting at the table, at a completed jigsaw puzzle (The one he was working on earlier*
Katie: *Returns three books and checks out three more*
Kyo: *Looks up*
Katie: *Sits down at the table*
Kyo: *Shoves puzzle in the box and gets a new one*
Katie: *Reading a book on hand-to-hand combat*
Kyo: (Really polite voice) You're learning how to fight from a book?
Katie: *Slightly looks up and keeps reading her book*
Guards: *Monitoring them from a few yards away*
Kyo: No matter why they puts these books in here, everyone knows they are not going to work.
Katie: *Speaks really quietly and soft* Says you. They're not teaching me how to fight, they're teaching me strategies.
Kyo: You won't be able to fight here. This place is maximum security.
Katie: Not really. I only arrived here three weeks ago and today, I made it outside. I actually attempted three other times and only made it out of my cell.
Kyo: Then why are you here? Wouldn't they put you in a straight jacket?
Katie: Usually, yes. But I'm the youngest person here. I'm only fifteen.
Kyo: Fifteen? Then wouldn't you be put in the children's mental hospital?
Katie: No.
Kyo: How?
Katie: Because, of specific reasons.
Kyo: Like?
Katie: That place is for thirteen year old kids and younger.
Kyo: That doesn't answer much.
Katie: *Looks up at Kyo, and scowls at him*
Kyo: O-o
Katie: *Looks back down*
Kyo: I'm sorry.
Katie: *Ignores him*
Kyo: I didn't mean to-
Katie: You won't survive in here for another week with that scared attitude.
Kyo: *A bit shocked*
Katie: *Keeps reading*
~The exercise yard~
Katie: *It combat stance* 1...2...3! *Spin kicks a punching bag*
Evangeline: *Bench-pressing, lifting the bar unevenly* Dammit!
Katie: *Stops punching and kicking the bag* I suggest you find a spotter.
Evangeline: *Stands up* Yeah? And I suggest you shut the f*ck up! *Grabs Katie by her shirt*
Katie: Please put me down. *Blank expression*
Evangeline: Make me!
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In Cole's cell*

Cole: *gets out of his straight jacket* they have no idea how to put these on right

Cole: *sees sparks of orange electricity appear jump from his finger tips* woah, when they tased me it must have recharged me

*In Alice's cell*

Alice: *looking at the clock* tick tock, tick tock

*In the Main area*

Guards: *bring in another inmate* we have a new inmate

Nurse: who is it?

Guards: Some kid says he's part shadow or something

Chris: *being restrained*

Nurse: put him in the max security wing

Guards: right
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Pushes Evangeline into the wall and brushes herself off*
Evangeline: Gr!
Katie: And you says you can't learn fighting strategies from a book?
*Guards separate Katie and Evangeline*
Evangeline: *Scowling at Katie*
Katie: *Catches a quick glimpse of Evangeline and keeps walking* Hmph. What a moron.
Evangeline: You'll pay! >.<
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the Exercise yard*

Alice: *to katie* Hey you should leave Evangeline alone, he has some kind of anger disorder

Cole: *walks outside* *goes to the weights and steals Evangelines spot*

Guards: *throws chris into the exercise yard* freak!

Chris: *sits on the steps* I can see them, the shadow people, they're everywhere and everybody else is blind to them
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Slightly looks at Alice* Hmph. *Ignores her and walks away*
Evangeline: Gr... GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY SPOT! *Throws a weight and Cole's face*
Katie: *Sees Chris being thrown out into the Exercise yard and stops walking* Welcome to our world... *Keeps walking*
Guards: *Pushes Katie into the exercise yard* Don't be causing trouble, newbie!
Katie: *Goes to sit in the corner*
Katie's nurse, Christian: Are you new?
Katie: *Ignores him*
Christian: It's fine. You'll get used to everything soon enough. I'll make sure you're well enough to be up and out of here! ^-^
Katie: Pfft. Sure you are. You can't ever make friends in a place like this. Those so called friends might not be your friends the next day
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the Exercise yard*

Cole: *catches the weight* *smirks* nice try

Cole: you wanna fight, lets fight

*By the steps*

Chris: the shadows are alive, all you people are ignorant to the beings that surround you!

Alice: new guy, shut up! *sees Cole and Evangeline* uh oh!
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: Pathetic. They both are. That ignorant girl over there throws a fit over a spot, and that idiot wants to fight a girl. *Shakes head*
Christian: Oh my. I should go get help!
Katie: *Sits down by Chris and opens up another book on fighting stances* These people are giving us a bad name. We're not crazy! We see stuff in a point of view that no one else does... We're smarter than every ignorant fool outside of that gate. But we're being punished for it. Those idiots are making us seem like bad people! No wonder why this place is more of a prison than a mental facility. -_- *Sighs* Morons.
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the Exercise yard*

Cole: *about to fight Evangeline*

Alice: *runs over* both of you stop! your acting like crazy people!

Cole: she started it!

Alice: I don't care who started it! Even if she is an over aggressive psychopath!

*At the steps*

Chris: *summons shadows around him* *sighs* looks like all my friends are here
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Katie: *Looks up at the shadows* (Sarcastically) Wow. That's not weird at all. *Keeps reading*
Evangeline: *Yelling*
Katie: -.-' UGH! *Stands up and walks over to Evangeline, Cole, and Alice*
Evangeline: What do you want?!
Kyo: *Walks outside, quietly* It's her again. *Hears her yelling* There's another reason why she's not in the children's hospital, she swears too much. O-O
Evangeline: GR... *Face turning red*
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over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
Alice: *on the ground* ahh that hurt

Cole: *gets mad at Evangeline, looks around to see if the guards are watching*

Guards: *not paying attention*

Cole: *hits Evangeline with a small bolt of lightning* thats for pushing Alice!

*On the steps*

Chris: *makes the shadows dance* funny, my friends know the best jokes
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Evangeline: *Falls on her hands and knees* AH!
Katie: What is he doing? He's just gonna stand there and ask nicely? He's gonna get his ass kicked!
Evangeline: *Knocks Cole down with a sweep* D*CK!
Katie: Dude, just calm down.
Evangeline: Get outta here. This is none of your business, princess!
Katie: I have name, and it's not princess, it is my business if you guys are gonna waste my time, and you both need to chill. (Alice) You... You wouldn't survive ten seconds in here if that little push knocked you down, princess. YOU (Cole) should never hit a girl! You look like a wimp by trying to fight one, and you look stupid. *Face-palms* (Evangeline) And you freaked out, because he stole your spot? Just ask him to move next time instead of trying to kill him, please? I swear, you guys are like four old children. Problem solved?! *Sighs and goes to the stairs*
Kyo: *Walks to the stairs with her*
Katie: *Completely ignores Chris' shadow buddy thingy's (Ugh, whatever! XD) and sits back down*
Kyo: *Sits by her*
Katie: *Starts reading again*
Kyo: Do you have mental issues too?
Katie: *Speaking softly again* (Major difference from when she was yelling at the others XD) Yes. But I control my anger way better than many other people in this facility.
Kyo: Have you always had them?
Katie: No.
Kyo: Oh.
Katie: Do you?
Kyo: I don't know.
Katie: You ask so many questions, yet you don't talk much or answer any questions with a straight answer.
Kyo: Yeah?
Katie: Holding in so much is probably what landed you in here.
Kyo: I know. -_-
Katie: *Keeps reading* But in a world like this, there's a lot to be upset about. We just react to them in different ways than others. I get upset easily, because I'm sick of all this. If the world had a restart button, all of this would be better.
Kyo: Hmph.
Katie: *Keeps reading*
Kyo: How come you're always reading?
Katie: I read about one book in one week before I came here. But now since I'm in this prison, all I can do is read. There's nothing to smile about here. I'm just sticking with fairy tales and stories with actual happy endings for now. *Sees shadow dancing* What the hell? O-O
Kyo: O-O
Katie: There's a dude summoning shadows and I'm just reading a book. And I'm the freak? -_-
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over a year ago princess2109 said…
Olivia: (Nurse) *sighs and shivers* this is so errie like *looks at the cells and the phsco's in them and jumps* Don't scearm don't scearm *takes deep breaths*
Jainoir: Hi
Olivia: *scearms alittle* Oh hello! ^-^ you scared me there for a second *conuties walking her shoes being the other sound you can hear*
over a year ago dxarmy423 said…
*In the Exercise yard*

Cole: *helps alice up* Lets go alice *walks inside*

Alice: yeah *wipes the dirt off of her pants*

*On the steps*

Chris: *sees Evangeline* yes shadow friends, the angry one is evil
over a year ago princess2109 said…
(Hi! now I don't feel alone! x3)
Olivia: *walks into the break room thing-y* Hi guys
Nurse1: hey Liv
Olivia: so anyone new?
nurse: yeah 2 maybe 3 I forgot
Olivia: oh joy
Nurse2: both male too
Olivia: double joy -.-
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Evangeline: *Hears Chris and getting ready to start yelling again* F*ck it. *Leaves*
~The Stairs~
Katie: *Sighs finishes reading her book*
Kyo: I'm leaving now. I'll see you later.
Katie: *Looks up and continues reading*
Kyo: Goodbye. ^-^
~The library~
Evangeline: *Hiding behind a bookshelf, sitting by the window smoking*
Kyo: Hello. ^-^
Evangeline: *Flinches and puts out cigarette*
Kyo: Are you okay?
Evangeline: *Scowls at Kyo*
Kyo: I'm sorry. It was just question.
Evangeline: *Stares out of the window*
Kyo: Were you smoking?
Evangeline: That's none of your damn business.
Kyo: It's not. I'm sorry.
Evangeline: Will you leave?
Kyo: I'm sorry.
Evangeline: Will you quit saying you're sorry?!
Kyo: But I'm bothering you aren't I?
Evangeline: No. I just get so pissed so damn easily... I don't even get it as bad as others. But still, worry about yourself.
Kyo: I'm so- ... Okay.
Evangeline: I'm fine. Thanks, now are you satisfied?
Kyo: Uh... Yes? I'll see you around, I guess. *Leaves*
Evangeline: Dope. -.-'
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Olivia: any clue where they migth be?
Murse 2: *shurgs*
Olivia: okay your a real help *walks to the libary her favorite place* *sees Evangeline* looks like i'm not alone
over a year ago Strawberry0020 said…
Evangeline: *Looks up at Olivia* May I help you? -.-'
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Olivia: No Evangeline just checking up on the libary *walks out*
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Officer:*coming in to the asylum with two girls*

Officer:We have two more of these freaks Nancy, Becarful of this one,*shoves the second girl*She's insane and plays with fire.The other one is highly insane andplays with snakes.

Girl2(Jane):I'm not insane!

Girl1(amy):LET GO!
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Olivia: *walks into the room wit the Officer and the 2 girls* more? so whats to deal with these two?
over a year ago smartone123 said…
hits head on wall-nina
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Jane:I don't know, I was stairing at my big brother's mask, you know Kane from WWE, and this asshole got me.

Amy:I am told by this asshole that I hear voices and that i respond to them...

*in side Amys head*

Voice one:Kill them~

Voice two:Kill them!
*out of Amys head*
over a year ago smartone123 said…
looks at her,smiles wickedly punches a wall-nina
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Jane:O.O Can I not have a room with her?
over a year ago smartone123 said…
makes a huge hole and trys to escape that way,by puching with un human streath laughing wickedly-nina
over a year ago aprilacne said…

Officer:You see Olivia, they are insane...
over a year ago smartone123 said…
is almost out has 2 meters left-nina
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Olivia: *hears pounding*Shit Nina's trying to punch her way outta her cell again!
over a year ago smartone123 said…
punches sees light"...almost"-nina
over a year ago aprilacne said…
Officer:CODE RED, CODE RED!*runs after nina*

Amy and Jane:*are let go*