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posted by bcthestrongest
Kenya-pretty girl rock 의해 Keri hilson
Nightwing-baby 의해 Justin bieber
Noel-fed up 의해 DJ khaled
Ariana-bad girl 의해 dainty Kane
Bubbles- 바비 인형 girl 의해 aqua
Lexi-stupid girls 의해 pink
Nightstar-fucking perfect 의해 pink
Nightlight-blow 의해 케샤
Nightmare-monster 의해 Kanye west
Noah-i feel like dying 의해 Lil Wayne
Sinto-whats wrong with them 의해 Lil Wayne
Bones-cricketz 의해 new boyz
Lexis-black and yellow remix 의해 wiz kalifa
Sweeney-no 사랑 의해 lil wanye
Alejandrina- im too cool
Korea- gansta 의해 50 cent
Indian and India-drop the world
고딕 and Miami-whos that guy
Nicki-bad girl
Corabella and Lady-raining men 의해 Rhianna
Lizzy- we are sisters 의해 cheetah girls
Demon- me against the world
November-bad girl
Alejandra-im a flirt 의해 r kelly
Chocolate- work it 의해 missy elliot
Kebella- im just a kid
Candace- baby
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posted by phoebew114
 me in my room
me in my room
OK this is my everything everything u could ever want to know about me

OK my name is Alex Cassandra mchorden.Im 15 years old.

BIO: OK i was abounded when i was 1 년 old because there was a big tornado that hit our town when i was a little girl. So i was forced to fend for myself well me and my 2 sisters and my little brother.At the moment he is 5 and his name is kyle my sister lily is 13 and my other sister 재스민 속, 재 스민 is 8. we managed to survive 의해 picking berries and 과일 and once in a while when it was a special ocation i would steel 빵 from the local bakery stand that 사워, 사 우 어 dough 빵 smelt...
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