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Josh: Welcome back to Total Drama Beach. Today's challenge is an awake-a-thon!! Whoever stays awake the longest's team, as always, wins. GO!!
Sophia: Well I guess all we have to do is stay up.
Nathaniel: Yeah this should be easy. But I stayed up all night...*falls asleep*
Hannah: Are 당신 kidding me?
Freddie: We can do this guys. Just...try not to get tired.
Jaydn: Obviously.
*10 hours later: 10:00 pm*
Aagna: I'*falls asleep*
Jackson: Really? Now we have 6 people..
Sophia: Oh well, we can all still win this!
*4 hours later: 2:00 am*
Athen: Guys...I can't...stay up...any...longer....*falls...
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posted by E-Scope90
Josh: Welcome back to Total Drama Beach! The challenge today is to hunt down a member of the other team and shoot them with paintball guns. The last one standing's team wins! Ready?
Gloria: Wait, can we-
Josh: GO!!

Hannah: Guys, let's hide in the forest so they can't find us!
Sophia: But what about all the things in there?
Jackson: Sophia, it's our only option. Let's move.

Freddie: Okay. This should be easy.
Jaycee: Right, so, guys I think it's best if we stick together so we know where we all-
*most of the contestants left*
Jaycee:.....are. Well, at least 당신 four are still here.
Brooke: Yeah, let's...
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posted by E-Scope90
Josh: Welcome back to Total Drama Beach! Last episode we saw Emily get eliminated but who will be 다음 on the chopping block! Find out here on Total Drama Beach!!
Josh: Welcome back, contestants! Do 당신 remember the coconuts from yesterday?
Jason: Obviously!
Josh: Well, they're back!
Sidney: Yay!
Josh: I know right? So. The challenge is, using the coconuts, to throw it at a member of the opposing team to try to knock them off. The last one standing's team wins.
The contestants were then elevated onto platforms that were about 10 feet in...
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posted by E-Scope90
Josh: Welcome to Total Drama Beach! Here, 20 contestants will come to compete for a grand prize: 100,000 dollars! They will compete through dangerous and disgusting challenges. In the end, only one person will be 빅토리어스 and win the grand prize! All here at Galveston Beach! Here they come now!
*a 보트 comes and the 20 contestants all get off*
Emily: Wow.
Gloria: This place is cool.
Josh: Yep. So here's the cabins, and over there's the elimination area. Now come with me to the shore.
Josh: Okay guys. 당신 will now be 스플릿, 분할 into two teams:...
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