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 i 사랑 scott.
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Mal was fast sleeping in his bed, dreaming of evilly delicious dreams of lava pits and laser sharks. Suddenly, a ghostly voice was calling for him again. Mal's eyes slowly opened, looked around his room, and saw nothing. Mal shrugged it off, and feel back to sleep. As Mal went back to sleep, he could hear someone walk into his room, and felt them crawl up on 상단, 맨 위로 of his bed. "Zoey, I didn't know 당신 feel for guys like me." Mal said in his sleep.

"Hey! Wake up 당신 idiot!" The voice exclaimed. Mal then opened his eyes for a minute, and saw a hazy, ghostly figure. Mal closed his eyes, only to snap...
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posted by SvetXMani
 The 목걸이
The Necklace
Here's a story about Manitoba and Svetlana meeting in one of the craziest ways ever. So, hope 당신 guys enjoy.
Deep in the country of Russia a baby girl was being born. Though after, her mother died. The 24 년 old woman just closed her eyes and died on the medical bed. George, the father, kneeled beside the woman he longed for, and now she was gone. "Sir," one of the doctors said, "I'm so sorry,". The tall man stood up. His eyes were starting to tear up. "Thank you," George told the doctor. "Would 당신 like us to leave and get 당신 daughter...
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Well, episode 4 is a wrap. Great episode, with lots of twists! They had to do an eating challenge and then complete an obstacle course (based off of Revenge of the Island). It came down to Al and Sam, and...the HEORES WIN!

But wait!

Turns out, Chris reviewed the challenge, and Sam didn't finish all the pancakes! So the VILLAINOUS VULTURES WIN! And the person sent 집 packing...



For obvious reasons.

Some other noticeable things; Scott likes Courtney, and made it very obvious throughout the episode. They even hugged after the Vultures won! Gwen also stated that she only came back to...
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So, I decided to write a story where Zoey had her ex-bf come back to where she lives. It's also from Mike's perspective (kind of). I hope 당신 guys enjoy it.
"I can do this. I can do this," a tall, tan boy told himself. He rang the door bell, but with his nervousness, he jumped into the bushes off to the side and watched as the door opened. A red haired, pale girl looked around, but saw no one. She walked back inside and closed the door behind her.

Mike, the neighbor of Zoey, sighed and felt ashamed of himself. He knew he could talk...
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First off, I was really bored so I decided to do a review of this episode of TDAS, Second, If 당신 haven't watched this episode I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! 당신 can watch it on 유튜브 또는 something...

Anyway... We start out this episode with Duncan saying Crud like 36 million times, Scott causes himself Erm... Painful? Pain 의해 punching his 침대 and Alejandro is in a cocoon, tomorrow he should come out as a "BEAUTIFUL" Butterfly, That'll impress Heather...
In the girls 선실, 캐빈 당신 might notice that the rabbit on Heather's Pajamas is STILL missing... And... Wait..? Doesn't Jo change clothes? That's...
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Confirmed Characters for the first half of this season (2nd half will introduce an all new cast -____-)


My Opinions:
Alejendro: He'll ruin everything for everyone like he did in TDWT. I seriously dislike him -__- and I hope gets eliminated first.

Cameron: He can't win again, so he probably won't go very far.
Courtney: CIT FTW! Seriously, I hope she goes
far and wins! I think she deserves to. I hope she gets nicer this season! Courtney needs tons of character development and her lack of character development is veryyyy...
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Wooo!!!! Part 3 baby!!! Sorry. Got a little exited there. Well here 당신 go. Part 3 of my story. This is getting very exiting.
Weeks passed. Zoey and Duncan have been getting very close, like dating close, but Duncan hasn't asked her........yet. Unfortunately for Mike, when ever he saw the two of them together, he would have a hard time controlling Chester. It's only happened a couple of times though. Like at school, Mike was hanging out with Cameron and Zoey at lunch. Duncan surprised her 의해 coming. Mike turned to Chester, but still...
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