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Article by Book_freak posted over a year ago
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"Torchwood"'s Russell T Davies Makes No Apologies — For Anything

Killing a beloved character on a 텔레비전 show is always a dicey proposition when it comes to how 팬 will react to the death. When that character is not only one of the few prominent gay characters on TV, but is also one of the only ones in a positive same-sex relationship, the risk of a backlash is that much greater.

So when Torchwood's Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) unexpectedly perished in the fourth episode of the recent Children of Earth miniseries, the reaction among many gay 팬 was almost instantaneous — not to mention less than positive. Some felt betrayed that Ianto had died at all, some found his death upsetting because it was seemingly so senseless, while others were simply upset that yet another gay character on 텔레비전 had come to an untimely end.

But Russell T Davies, the man responsible for the death of Jones, felt no remorse over killing off Captain Jack's lover just as their relationship seemed to be solidifying. Indeed, in interviews given after the series aired in the U.S., Davies suggested 팬 upset over the death should content...