2 Races, 1 사랑
Hi guys, I'm going to make another comparison with this film to another real-life film 의해 Disney, Pocahontas. Are 당신 ready?


This was the very first American historical film that I had seen, and I was really amazed that the relationship between Pocahontas and John Smith in real life were different from their movie counterpart.
In real-life, Pocahontas was only 16 years old (correct me if I'm wrong) when she met John Smith. She saved him from being executed 의해 her father and that she wanted peace.
Their 사랑 story in this movie reminds me of Jack and Rose from Titanic, in which I will write down on how similar they are. I guess 디즈니 was trying to make it slightly historical true like when Pocahontas saved John Smith later in the film and the ending was also very sad with the majestic music.


Okay, this was the 초 historical movie that I watch and the 사랑 story is very fictional. Jack and Rose are both fictional characters, so I could not blame James Cameron for 글쓰기 a story and creating 2 memorable couples that we all fell in 사랑 with.
Rose & Jack's relationship reminds me of John Smith and Pocahontas because they learn a lot of things together. Pocahontas sees this as a peace between her people and the English. Rose wants to escape from her overbearing mother for marrying Cal for her own personal gains.
The ending is also very sad because, in my opinion Rose dies as an old woman and reunites with Jack and those whose lives have been perished during the sinking.

Two People, One Love

So these are my observations on both historical films, what do 당신 think? Who are your favourite historical couples?
The Race against Time.