Janet continued driving. Lee, Janet, Jeff, and Bryce had just exited Knoxville. The 다음 town they had to get to was Roanoke.

Janet: What's in the bag?
Lee: When we stopped at the gas station, I got us a sprite, and gummy life savers.
Janet: Ooh. I'm starving. Can 당신 take over?
Lee: Yeah.
Janet: *Stops on the side of the road*

They got out, and switched seats.

Lee: *Opens a can of sprite, and puts it in the left cup holder* Okay, 당신 can put yours in the right cup holder. Let's do this. *Drives*
Buick: *Turns onto their road, and follows from an intersection* I sure am sneaky. That short cut put me directly behind Lee Brent. I have to stop him from getting to Norfolk, but I hope those diesels can stop Jeff, and Bryce.
Lee: *Looks behind him* Will 당신 look at that? Our friend in the red fusion doesn't know when to give up. Let's get 다음 to him, and see what he wants. *Lowers his window, and slows down so that he's on the right side of Buick's car* Hey! Why are 당신 following us?
Buick: Because I'm Buick Baltimore!!
Lee: If your name's Buick, how come you're driving a Ford?
Janet: *Giggles*

Lee didn't feel threatened at all. He just kept smiling, even when Buick said this.

Buick: Listen to me 당신 cocky Yankee! I work for Norfolk Southern, and I will stop at nothing to stop 당신 from reopening the Norfolk & Western!
Lee: Anything 당신 say pal! *Floors it*
Buick: *Follows*

Song (Start at 0:25): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuuI-80Ya7w

Lee: *Driving down the highway*
Buick: *Following Lee*
Lee: For a sedan, he's quick. *Looks up ahead* Aha. A CSX train yard. *Turns left, crossing the other side of the highway, and enters the CSX yard*
Buick: *Follows Lee, hitting a Camry on his way to the yard. He put a massive dent on the right side of the front*
Lee: *Looks ahead* And just as I thought. Trains all over. *Drives 다음 to a freight train*

Stop the song. A disco instrumental version of Cargo Movin' People is now being played as Lee gets closer to the CSX diesels pulling the train.

CSX 706: Lee Brent! We heard a lot about you.
Lee: Nice to see 당신 guys. A Norfolk Southern employee is following us. Wanna play games with him?
CSX 706: 당신 bet. We got ten tracks here. Just stay over 90, and 당신 can hide anywhere 당신 want.
Lee: Okay. *Goes faster than the CSX train*
Buick: *Tries to keep up, but has a tough time keeping control on the stones*
Lee: *Gets on the left side of the train* How much further to Roanoke?!
CSX 706: 180 miles! There's another yard about half a mile down this line, 당신 can get out there, and make your way back to Roanoke. The signs will tell 당신 which way to go!
Lee: Got it, thanks!
CSX 706: Say hi to Jeff, and Bryce for me.
Lee: Will do!
Buick: *Stops his car* They got away again! *Hits the dashboard with his fist* At this rate, they will make it to Norfolk!

2 B Continued