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더 영 앤 더 레스트리스 Your 가장 좋아하는 JT relationship?

20 fans picked:
JT & Colleen
JT & Victoria
JT & Mac
Brittany & JT
JT & Anita
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 pmmom38 posted over a year ago
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ridge_fan_08 picked JT & Mac:
JT and Mac is my first choice and JT and Victoria are my second choice...
posted over a year ago.
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eloeie picked JT & Colleen:
Jt and Mac is my second choice, I don't know about JT and Victoria now...
posted over a year ago.
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Shannon1982 picked JT & Colleen:
J.T. and Colleen for sure. I loved them together, especially with Lyndsy Fonseca playing Colleen. Her and Thad had such amazing magical chemistry onscreen together. I don't mind Thad and Amelia in real life as a couple but I find them boring together as J.T./Victoria. J.T./Mac I just found plain boring. Brittany and him didn't appeal to me either and him and Anita were just a one time thing, so no comment on that, ha ha.
posted over a year ago.