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A pic I found of Bloom
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posted by Musa__Lover
Bloom is really selfish.

She is there sobbing because her boyfriend hasn't called her and yet Musa has just been cheated on and she only cried a few tears then 당신 have all of the other things. She thinks shes little miss perfect. Trying to do every thing. Calling all of the shots she doesn't think that her team could survive in the omega dimension so she tells her little pixy friend that they need her.

Really though there have been many pools and 95% of them don't have bloom as the best 또는 prettiest 또는 your favorite.
~ Winter Memories - I still remember him ~

[ An Aisha - Nabu Couple 팬 fic ]
My first couple 팬 fic

December 10, 2013
Dear Zee,
I am here before 당신 with another story of mine, yeah! 당신 guessed it right with another page of my life. Whenever I open 당신 to write I have something good 또는 something really bad. Today I have a mixture of both. Hmm…let me start with the beginning of my day. It was all right till I saw the date, the sun was shining in the blue sky, birds were 노래 melodious songs and squirrels were playing around. I went to the mirror to see my face and my eyes got into the...
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posted by winxoxoclub
Past: Belle turned her head and saw.....

Oval shaped, glittering green wings! She looked forwards and started jumping up and down, and finally started to fly. She let the wind- well, the air swooshing for her wings- hit her back.

-groan- Belle turned her head. HOW DID THAT UGLY THING GET IN HERE?! Thought Belle. EEKK!!! Belle cried out. Bloom came in running with a tray of cookies. "Belle, 당신 got your wings!" She cried and dropped her cookies, and stared at the monster. "Darkar." She spat at him. He wiped it off her face. "Fairies. So immature." He spat right back at her, and gave her a dark...
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posted by zanhar1
I always thought I would die trying doing something reckless and stupid, I kind of new it actually...I just didn't think it would happen quite like this.

I slipped further and further yet beneath the surface, the water was cold...merciless...relentless. Suffocating.

I thought about it.

About my family--a mother who'd already 로스트 her husband and a little sister just shy of 6 years.
About my friends--Mandy, (she was an odd one alright, claimed I was the only one who cared for her) Hidie, Beth, and Lara (she helped me embark on my reckless missions).
About my boyfriend, pretty sure on 3 월 anniversary...
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posted by zanhar1
Okay so on fanfiction I've gotten 5 requests to continue my fic based on Within Temptation's The Promise. As 당신 know this was supposed to be a one-shot, but 5 requests...I couldn't ignore them! Anyhow for those of 당신 who don't remember this one was the fic about Icy and Raven; link if 당신 wanted to read/re-read it.

Two months prior:

The 일 was a chilly one in downtown Magix, trees adorned with leaves of the most brilliant gold and vibrant orange--a twinge of red here and there. It was on this day, sitting outside of an ice cream parlor as she waited for Raven that Icy met Flora. The girl seemed...
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posted by Princess-Flora
Made this 의해 request so if 당신 haven't read it 당신 can now if 당신 want to 또는 if 당신 missed a few chapters.

Prologue: link

Chapter 1: link

Chapter 2: link

Chapter 3: link

Chapter 4: link

Chapter 5: link

Chapter 6: link

Chapter 7: link

Chapter 8: link

Chapter 9: link

Chapter 10: link

Chapter 11: link

Chapter 12:link

Chapter 13: link

Chapter 14: link

Chapter 15: link

Chapter 16: link

Chapter 17: link

Chapter 18:link

Chapter 19: link

Chapter 20: link

Chapter 21: link
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------------------------------------------------------------Nabu’s p.o.v--------------------------------------------------------------
It was January so that meant only a semester left of our childhood days. All 14 of us were excited; but at the same time nervous since we all wondered what will happen to our group after high school. I know we already know that we will be closer than ever before due to what happened today which is the first 일 of summer; but 5 months 이전 none of us knew this would happen. Everything in January was typical, since it was still cold out to go ice-skating and...
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posted by florasedge31
"Icy!?" Everyone questioned.
"Shut it before 당신 get us caught." She sapped while walking down the hallway.
"What on earth are 당신 doing here?" Bloom asked.
"I saw her and Lily get kidnapped. I followed him here. I saw him freeze her and everything I went to go get this." Icy replied while holding up a oxygen mask and handing it to Stella.
"Why are 당신 being so nice now?" Tecna asked.
"Because that man, is my, older brother Hunter." Icy mumbled.
"And I swear if 당신 tell anybody, you'll regret it." Icy threatened.
"Okay we won't tell. But will 당신 help us at least get rid of Hunter?" Musa asked. Stella...
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Interview with Ruxi23 who won our FOTM May She really deserves to be the FOTM. She was really active this 월 to our spot. Here's her interview:
Q1.How do 당신 feel that you're the FOTM May?

I am very happy. I haven’t expected to be FOTM as I am not an old user. I haven’t expected to be voted 의해 fans. I am very pleased to participate to this 팬 club .

Q2.Since when did 당신 start liking Winx Club?

I have liked Winx since I was 10. I bought a winx club magazine then and I found them very interesting. I looked on the internet for some information about them and that’s how I became more...
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When Kristina awoke everyone else was already awake and walking around. Kristina stood up and stretched, scanning her environment. 재스민 속, 재 스민 and one of the new guys were talking and laughing, starring deeply into each others eyes, Kristina guessed they knew each other. Lilly, Megan, and Julie were talking to three guys, two of which she knew and one she didn’t. The Winx were hanging put with each other and there boy friends. 제비꽃, 바이올렛 and other guy Kristina didn’t know were talking and 샬럿, 샬 롯 and her brother and a couple of his 프렌즈 were laughing and joking around. That left Kristina and...
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You can use all these words on this club 또는 any other club related to Winx :D For those who wants to use bad words, I've replaced them with something 더 많이 appropriate and related to Winx ;)

These verbs describe what you're doing. Example, if you're fangirling Winx, just say you're Winxing :D If you're madly insane with Enchantix, say you're and Enchantixing!

- Winxing
- Trixing
- Specialisting

- Charmixing
- Enchantixing
- Believixing
- Sophixing
- Lovixing
- Harmonixing
- Sirenixing
- Bloomixing

- Blooming
- Stelling
- Floring
- Musing
- Tecning
- Layling/Aishing
- Roxing
- Daphning


- Winxtastic...
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