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That saturday in Gardina was raining like tears from the sky. Roxy strutted out of the funeral with her arms crossed, the funeral was set in 사랑 'n' pet and Amore, Ginger and the others were invited. Everyone but Roxy was very emotional and serious about the event, except for Roxy, who simply held her nose high in the air and yawned through the ceromony, Which upset everyone very noticibally, but the animal fairy gave no apology.

She stomped fast out of the 사랑 and pet store, away from the winx with a frown creased upon her face. She looked like a angelically white cloud, beautiful but raining down on everyone else. Why, she hadn't even worn a proper furneral outfit, just her normal purple platform boots, long dark green leggings and pawprinted long sleeved top.
Everyone thought she was having a grudge, but secretly, she wanted to hide her guilt and anger because of Stella's death, because, even though she had only knew her a few months, in private she would cry heavily after her shifts at the fruitti 음악 bar and not even notice Artu when he tried to cheer her up. She looked and her watch, it was 1.00pm. "Exactly 1 week and 15 hours and thirty 분 since stella died, 또는 exactly 1 week and 15 hours and thirty 분 since i tried to look tough 의해 firing her...I wish she had known i was bluffing!" She tried to blame her 6 BFFs as she heard Flora sniffing as tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. "Cry baby!" She thought hypercritically, as she heard Musa comforting her and Layla she bet looked 더 많이 glum than ever, after losing both her boyfriend and her mate! No one seemed to care at the moment..."Maybe i should put my arm round her...." thought Roxy. "No wait, how lame!" She refused to do much as look back.
She decided to pace along the pavement faster, and faster, each step picking up a bit 더 많이 speed, so that slowly the sound of the other winxs became slightly slurred, then mildly muffled, then faded alltogether, she was on a different 거리 now, away from them. She was totally alone. "Better get back for artu...." She noted in her head, as she began to walk at a steadier pace. Suddenly she saw Brandon and gasped in shock! "Brandon, who have not came out of your apartment since, since your girlfriend perished!" She liked Brandon, and was going to sugar 코트 it 의해 saying "Left us" instead "perished" but she wanted to seem cool, so she changed it.
"Well, its been a week, i guess........Now if 당신 excuse me, i'm off to say my goodbyes to Sara, it's her tribute night at the F.M bar where 당신 work." Replied Brandon, with a weird glare in his eye.
"Um...It is Stella, its stupid to make a mistake like that! And her tribute night was on Wendsday......." Answered Roxy, noticing a strange glare in his eyes.
"Whatever! I'm off to 사랑 'n' pet to pay my respects...." "Well, its closed of course and..." Roxy reply was cancelled out whe she saw that Brandon had flown off, without a hovver board, over to the direct where winxes pet store was!
"Wait, what are 당신 doing?!?!" She called in cupped hands, running South West, where 사랑 in pet was, it was still grey and rainy as she was running hoping the winx hadn't got to the fruitti 음악 bar yet. Sadly, judjing 의해 the empty streets (Gardinia was always quiet in the winter) they had, so no help from them. She scooted into 사랑 'n' pet where Brandon was firing dark 라일락 꽃, 라일락 lazer beams from her hands at the sofas and cushions, destroying each one as she did so. "Your not Brandon at all are you? Are 당신 Organ? Because 당신 can't scare me!" Bellowed Roxy, feeling a strong pinch of bravery. "So, i see i have been found a imposter......" Snarled Brandon, his voice was 더 많이 feminine, 더 많이 high this time. Roxys mouth flung open in shock that it wasn't one of the fairy hunters, but didn't make a sound. 'Brandon' suddenly transformed into Darcey, the only trix able to cast illusions. "OMG, who are you?" Demanded Roxy. "A winner unlike you! And don't 당신 dare try transforming, because you'll be too weak 의해 the time i'm finished with you!" Smeared Darcey, pelting a ball of shadows directly at Roxy, far too quick for her to dodge, she fell to the floor, unhurt, yet unable to get up and summon her believix yet, as her powers hurt so much! "Love 'n' pets, go get the winx!" She cried and they obeyed agily fluttering off to the bar.
For five minutes, she watched helplessly as the shops items where scattered over the floor. "Why are 당신 doing this?" Gulped Roxy. "For revenge." Replied Darcey, still smashing objects eagerly. "But what have we don...." Said Roxy, before she was gaged with a strip of night. her voice was then muffled. Shortly after the winx flew in, already winged. "Roxy, why didn't 당신 fight her?" Asked Tecna, landing beside her. But Roxy said nothing untill Tecna peeled the strip off. "Before i can't get up, she put a spell on me! Is she a fairy?" She screamed. "No, shes a witch!" Stated Tecna whilst the others were ready to fight her, no speeches 또는 puns intended. "Wait, i know where Stella is, i know how to save her if 당신 don't splat me with your stupid believix! And i know where Brandon is too!" She said in a calm, casual way.
"Huh, 당신 do??" Asked Bloom. "Tell us!

To be continued. Thanks for reading, once again, please 코멘트 if 당신 have the time and rate if 당신 like, have a nice day, pandawinx. :)
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The winx took Tecna back to Alfea and took her to the infirmary. Nurse ophelia told them she would check her out while they wait in the waiting room. About after 30 분 of waiting. The nurse came back out with a face that spoke for itself.
"I have good news and bad news." She said.
"The good news is she's up and has no serious injuries. The bad news, She hit her head hard enough to get amnesia." Ophelia said.
"Oh no." The winx said while looking at each other.
Musa stood up.
"Can we see her?" She asked.
"I guess 당신 can see her but only two at a time." Ophelia said.
"Okay, thank you." Musa said....
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5th Icy i 사랑 her she rules she so pretty she funny and makes me laugh along with Stella she and Stella and Icys sister are the most funniest in the show shes very 메리다와 마법의 숲 and strong never gives up and is always trying to destory the winx now matter how strong the winx are shes one of the best villans go trix 당신 rule Icy your way better then those villans like trintanis who whine and fuss all the time unlike 당신 Icy 당신 get your but kicked 의해 the winx but 당신 dont whine and fuss

4th krystal a lot of people hate her because she flora hurt well i 사랑 flora but i 사랑 krystal shes sooooo pretty...
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posted by FloraorStella
 당신 all are amazing 프렌즈 :) !
You all are amazing friends :) !
I really wanted to write this long ago, but this time I have a reason why. I atcually didn't know what to write about, but now I do. I want to say thank 당신 to all my amazing 프렌즈 on Fanpop. I've met a lot of trolls here, but 당신 guys never left my side. The Winx spot has become my 가장 좋아하는 spot and the spot that I actually am the most active all because of the amount of friends here. Here's a big thank 당신 to each and everyone of you.

lovebaltor (Aurie): 당신 may already know this but I'll still say it. Since you're the Fanatic of this spot, many people look up to you, including me. You've...
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So this is actually going to be my first lyric fic, you'll have to let me know how I did.

"When leaves have fallen and skies turned to gray, the night keeps on closing in on the day."

The season of autumn had come to a 빠른, 스위프트 pass, allowing for the chill of winter to creep in. "Temperatures reaching below zero." The forecaster announced on the 텔레비전 in the window of a small electronics 샵 in Magix. Bundled up and shielding themselves from the cold were most all of the citizens of Magix. Most all except one; Icy welcomed the frigged air against her skin, craved it. She had seated herself...
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*Just so ya know This is NOT a sequel to anything, but Lily is in it. AND she is apart of the winx*

It was a Wednesday after classes. The winx were in their dorm. They weren't doing anything but sitting around tapping their fingers.
"That's it we need to do something! I'm sick of being bored." Stella shouted.
"Oh yea and what do 당신 have in mind?" Aisha asked.
"Ummm, maybe we could go rollerskating." Stella suggested.
"That doesn't sound bad." Musa said.
"Well then what are we waiting for let's go!" Stella said while running in her room to change. Then everyone else did the same.
*About 20 minutes...
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----------Brandon’s p.o.v-----------
So November was way better than the 월 that came to a close with Halloween. We had exams this months since it was getting close to the end of our last first semester in high school. However it was the best 월 because I got to have Thanksgiving with my full family which included my mom, dad, brother, the twins, Helia, Timmy, Nabu, Riven, Sky, Bloom, Musa, Layla, Tecna, and the 사랑 of my life Stella. Now we might not be all related 의해 blood; but what makes us family is that we are always there for one another to catch each other when one of us falls....
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posted by Princess-Flora
Musa’s p.o.v
I woke up to the smell of something completely incredible, I pretty sure anything would smell good at this point since none of us ate last night. I look to my right and see that Riven is still asleep; so I assume it must be Helia 또는 Savannah cooking but both them are still fast asleep. I am puzzled, so I pinch myself to make sure I’m actually awake and not dreaming; but I feel it so I know that I’m awake. I hear a voice say “you think you’re still dreaming don’t ya?” I know this voice, I look over to see a girl with tan skin, dark 에메랄드 eyes, a comforting smile,...
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posted by TaySFloraVEVO
Autumn and Helia both slowly woke up on the ship.

"Helia, where are we?" Autumn asked. 당신 could hear the fear in her voice.

"I... I dont know..." Helia said, just before a guard walked in. He bowed.

"Prince Helia" He nodded. He walked past him to Autumn and grabbed her arm. He roughly pulled her up and began to shove her out of the room.

"What do 당신 think you're doing? Put your PRINCESS down now." Helia said.

"But I have orders, and I have to follow them. I'm sorry, your highness, but the King and 퀸 come first." He said, shoving her roughly out of the room.

He handcuffed Autumn and took her...
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In the morning, the winx ate and went to class. After a long boring 일 at class, they went back there. "so, Amy, go tell him!" yelled Stella. "tell him what? Wait...tell who?" asked Amy. "your crush! Go to the red 분수 and tell him" said Stella. "okay, but can 당신 guys let me do this private, I am nervous" said amy. The WinxClub left. Icy walked over to Brandon. "hey Amy" said brandon. "look I kinda like you..." said icy. "huh, oh I am sorry...I am with-" icy kissed him. Brandon, forgetting everything enjoyed the kiss. All the boys stared, a specially the specialists we know. Brandon seemed...
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Find out who would be your bonded Selkie.

1.What do 당신 like best?
B:Flowers and Nature

2.What are your favourite colours?
A:Light blue and orange
B:Pink and light green
C:Yellow and orange
D:Purple and blue
E:Red and dark blue
F:Green and Purple

3.Which Pixie is your favourite?
A:Lockette, pixie of directions
B:Chatta, pixie of gossip
C:Amore, pixie of love
D:Piff, pixie of sweet dreams
E:Tune, pixie of good manners
F:Digit, pixie of technology

4.Who of the Winx do 당신 like best?

5.Which one is your favourite planet?
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