The Dazzlix Club sat in there room, listening to Shannon's story on what happened in the café. "-And that's, what happened." Shannon finished, cleaning the coffee off her 셔츠 (Still wearing it), and pouted. Ameena punched a fist into a pillow. "I can't believe she just grabbed it! 당신 had it first!" She said. Tenissa tapped her chin. "Technically, she had it first. She DID order it with her money, and-" Tenissa got glares from the girls, and she stopped talking. Brenda shook her head. "Guys, let's just forget about the Stinx Club and go to an actual club tonight. I heard a new club tonight just opened, 'Shooting Stars,' and I bought us some invites. Wanna go?" She asked. The Dazzlix girls looked at each other and nodded. Quickly, they changed and put on their makeup. Brenda was now wearing a white halter-neck with gold thin and tiny lines and the straps around her neck were gold. She had on a gold sash with a ice blue snowflake as a buckled. She had on a attached white 치마 above the knees with the same gold lines. She had on gold designer mini boots with silver heels. She had two silver hoop bracelets on both wrists and silver hoop earrings. Her makeup was gold eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, 담홍색, 핑크 blush, and red lipstick. She styled her hair to be 더 많이 curled and she wore a white hipster hat with gold diamonds on it. Shannon was wearing a black t-shirt with dark purple mini sleeves and a white tank 상단, 맨 위로 underneathe. On the bedazzled top, a 'S' covered in white was written on it. She had on gold diamond earrings, and had on white tights while wearing a black mini 치마 that was above her knees and a white belt. For shoes, she wore cute dark purple sneakers with white heels. She had her hair styled down ans straight. As for a necklace, a hemp was put on. She wore a white headband with a white 원, 동그라미 and a huge black 원, 동그라미 in the center, so big it almost covered the white. Her makeup was purple eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, red blush, and dark red lipstick. Felicity was wearing a seaweed green midriff 셔츠 with brown mini sleeves. Around her neck was a gold choker and a shiny red midriff 재킷, 자 켓 with long sleeves and many zippers. She had a brown pencil mini 치마 at her thighs and 라임 green socks that reached above her knees and red high heels. She had her hair in two low and curled (Diaspro-like) pigtails. She had on a red hipster hat like Brenda's, but it was backwards. Her makeup was dark brown eyeshadow, red blush, red lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. Mandy had her hair slicked down but in a high-ponytail and gold hoops. She had a neon 주황색, 오렌지 sleeveless midriff 상단, 맨 위로 and several dark purple disco-square necklaces.she had on light red tights annd a neon purple mini 치마 with a 주황색, 오렌지 ruffle. She had on dark purple mini boots with zippers and neon purple arm bands. On her wrists were two hold hoop bracelets. She had dark purple baretters and a neon purple headband. Her makeup was 주황색, 오렌지 eyeshadow, neon red blush, neon red lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. Tenissa was wearing a light yellow dress. The dress's 상단, 맨 위로 was strapless with a 삼각형 shaped 레이스 coming up to her neck (I have no idea what that dress is called, so we'll call it that for a while). On the 상단, 맨 위로 of the top, there were seaweed,green mini squares on it. The decoration of the squares were the squares, on the top, but a square on the right lower tip connecting to it's left higher top, and so on. She had a red sash and the same decoration of the squares on the hem of the mini 치마 but upside down. The 치마 was similar to Felicity's but it was below and had a yellow ruffle under it. She had red go-go boots with seaweed green heels. She had a red hemp on her neck and a gold coin on it and two red ruby earrings and red bracelets She had red, lighter electric blue, seaweed green, and lighting yellow barettes in her hair. Her glasses were on and she had light red lipstick, mascara, light red blush, eyeliner, and yellow eyeshadow. And Ameena had her hair in a right-side ponytail with a white hipster hat on the right side. She had on a grey midriff 셔츠 that's bottom was wide and written in black big and glittery letters were 'IT'S ALL ABOUT ME'. The top's shoulders were bare and the mini sleeves were below them. She had a red ruffle lining under the sleeves. She had on blue shredded mini shorts with red tights under. She had had grey high-heel sneakers with rubies and 담홍색, 핑크 heels. She had a 담홍색, 핑크 tank 상단, 맨 위로 under the top. She wore a red hemp with white diamonds and silver hoop bracelets and silver hoop earrings. Her makeup was grey eyeshadow, 담홍색, 핑크 blush, red lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. The girls looked in the mirror and fawned over their looks. "Look at my hair!" Felicity gushed. "Look at my dress!" Brenda cooed. "Look at my bling!" Ameena said, dreamily. "Look at my necklace!" Mandy bragged. "Look at my shoes!" Tenissa smiled. "Look at ME!" Shannon broke through them, striking a pose. The girls glared at her, them started to smile. Soon, all of them were giggling. Even Diamond was wearing something. A white hipster-hat backwards and a gold choker. Brenda giggled. "Oh, Diamond!" She picked up the cat, and rubbed her softly. Tenissa looked at the clock. "Uh, Brenda? If 당신 want to get us that VIP room, then maybe we should leave now," She pointed out. Brenda looked up and gasped. "Oh! You're right! Come on, girls!" The girls rushed to the door, while Mandy tried to put on another bracelet. Ameena looked back and groaned. "Come on, Mandy! You're gonna make us late!" Ameena yelled, annoyed. Mandy grunted and ran with satisfaction to the door after managing to get the bracelet on. "Coming!" She yelled, and caught up with the rest. The Dazzlix girls ran out of the school yard, until they were stopped 의해 Ms. Griselda. "And where, do 당신 think 당신 girls are going?" She asked, with a stern look. Felicity stepped forward. "We, uh, were going to a club tonight. Y-you and Mrs. Faragonda approved it, remember?" She stammered. Miss Griselda eyed them and checked her list. She growled. "Fine. Go ahead!" She held out her arm, with a scowl. The Dazzlix girls smiled at each other and walked out the gates. A white limousine pulled up. Everyone but Brenda looked at it and grinned with chalk-white teeth. "Wow. Brenda, 당신 are really trying hard to make this the best night ever!" Mandy giggled. Shannon smirked. "Okay, I cannot WAIT for tonight!" She giggled. Once inside, there was a white 침상, 소파 and a tiger skin carpet. There was snowy landscape screen on the walls and the neon dark blue floor was moving like there was water underneath. The girls stared at it in awe, as Brenda put on a furry white coat. She knocked on the driver's glass window. "Driver, take us to the 'Shooting Stars' club." She ordered. The driver nodded. "Yes, Princess Brendella-" he got a icy glare from Brenda, and tried again. "Er, Princess Brenda." He said, and stepped on the gas. Brenda smiled. "Thank you, Driver!" She chirped. "My name's Edgar, 당신 little..." he mumbled under his breath. Brenda closed the slot with a grin and clapped her hands together. "Now, what do 당신 girls wanna be on the lookout for tonight?' She asked. The girls looked at each other. "BOYS!" They shouted and began to giggle. After twenty 분 또는 so, they finally arrived at their destination. The girls walked out of the limo, getting angry glares from women and attracting stares from their boyfriends. As they cut the line, a man stopped them. Brenda pushed an ID card in his face, and he let them in. The girls began to dance on in. "Yes! This is gonna be the best night ever!" Thank 당신 SOOOO much, Brenda!" Shannon smiled. Brenda laughed. "Anything for 당신 guys. Hey, I'm gonna hang out over there, that okay?" The girls nodded, and walked off dancing. Brenda walked over to a table, and sat 다음 to a cute guy with blue eyes and blonde hair. She thought he looked familiar, but she shrugged it off. "Um, mind if I sit here?" She asked. The guy nodded and smiled. Brenda sat down 다음 to the guy and noticed something in his hands: a red box with the Eracklyon seal. "Hey, isn't that the Eracklyon seal?" She asked. The guy look and her and nodded. "Yeah, it is. It's my kingdom's seal," Brenda shook her head. "Your kingdom's seal? Are 당신 the Prince of Eracklyon?" Shs asked. The guy smiled. "Ma'am, 당신 are in the prescence of the future king, Prince Sky of Eracklyon," he said, taking a bow. Brenda giggled. "Wow! That's funny. I'm Princess Brendella of Frigon, but 당신 can call me Brenda," She said, holding out hee hand. Sky took it and shook on it. "Frigon, eh? I've been there before and it was freezing! I don't know how 당신 Frigonians can deal with the blistering cold." He chuckled. Brenda shrugged. "I guess it's just a Frigon thing," She giggled. She blushed a bit. She felt 안전한, 안전 around Sky. Then, a feeling crept into her heart. It seemed to be both joy and Satisfication. It was love. Not the crush kind of love, but a different kind. ' Maybe,' she thought. 'Maybe he's the one.'
(15 분 later...)
The two sat back in their seats laughing. "Wait, hold on. You're saying that your little sister, Morlina, took all of your jewels and sold them to merchants? How did 당신 get them back?" Sky asked. Brenda laughed. "Well, the merchant, Fleur de Lys, she came to palace trying to sell back my jewels, and Morlina was caught red-handed!" The two began to laugh. Sky looked behind him. "Oh! Sorry, I gotta go. Maybe I'll see 당신 again, sometime?" He asked. Brenda blushed. "Hopefully. Here's my number just in case 당신 wanna call," she said. As the two exchanged phone numbers, Sky waved goodbye as Brenda waved back dreamily. She sighed dreamily, with Sky on her mind. "He's not not the others, that's for sure." She said to herself. She stared back, hoping to see Sky. But now, she wished she hadn't looked back. Her eyes widened while her jaw dropped. There was Sky, dancing with a familiar redhead. Brenda instantly recognized her as the one person she hated most in the world: Bloom. Bloom was wearing a pale blue tunic with black trimming and a slopping right sleeve under a 담홍색, 핑크 midriff tank top. On the tunic was written in big black letters 'DISCO STYLE.' She also wore a long gold string with a gold medallion at the end and purple leggings and accesorized with a light-blue headband, light blue elbow-fingerless gloves, a black cuff bracelet on her left arm, and multi-colores bangles on her right arm. Her shoes were hot-pink open toed platform boots with black heels, black strpas along the top, and place blue straps on the 상단, 맨 위로 of her feet. Her hair was long with a few curls and blue highlights. Her beautiful cyan blue eyes natched her cyan blue eyeshadow, 담홍색, 핑크 blush, mascara, eyeliner, and light 담홍색, 핑크 lip gloss. Everything on the outfit was glittery, making Brenda feel like it put her outfit to shame. She pecked a small 키스 on Sky's cheeks. This made Brenda feel even worse. The couple walked off, as Brenda blinked back tears. She was right. She had seen Sky before. He was Bloom's BOYFRIEND. Her 심장 dropped to her shoes and she felt hopeless. 'Why would he even talk to me? I thought he was different, I thought he wasn't like the others. I thought he was the ONE.' She thought, and sighed. This night WASN'T the best night ever. As she walked off to her friends, she sighed and whispered to herself, "What does Bloom have that I don't have?"
(Too be continued...)