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posted by Princess-Flora
Sorry that it is so short but I really wanted to try to make at least one cliff hanger
Flora’s p.o.v
I walked inside and decided I think I’ll get the smell of saltwater and 물고기 off of me before I check out the messages on flutter. As I walked up the stairs, I looked at the pictures of my mom and my dad; it really feels good to finally know who my parents are. When I reached the 상단, 맨 위로 of the stairs, something felt out of the ordinary so I quickly ran to my room and there was glass shatter from the mirrors behind the ballet barre shatter all over the floor and there was some red substance on the 벽 that read 당신 have been warned in a handwriting that belonged to a person who I was deathly afraid of. As I read the four words, I could feel my chest tightening and the room was spinning as something warm ran down my cheek. I slid down the 벽 with my hands on my face to catch the tears but I heard footstep coming up the stairs but all the sounds started to blur. Before everything faded there was a sharp pain in my back followed 의해 the sensation of something warm and oozing and that was all I remembered.
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wild and free
ep 4 song
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 An 아이콘 of Kristal with new background and text
An icon of Kristal with new background and text
PART III [Adding texts and Changing Background]

Hello girls (I don’t think any boy exists in our club :P)

Iti is back with another lesson of 아이콘 making. So today I will tell 당신 how to change background of an image (while making icon) and adding texts to it. So, I will start the main problem that occurs during changing background, for beginners.

While changing background one need to know which tool is perfect. So here we start.


1.    Open a picture.

2.    Now click on “magic wand” and select the area 당신 want to remove. For this 당신 can click...
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episode 13
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무지개, 레인 보우 english
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New years eve, a time for people to over indulged in particular beverages, 키스 after a silly countdown, and make promises to themselves they know damn well they won't keep. But Icy knew better, resolutions are for losers. For people who have something to change about their sorry selves, and Icy for one is perfect. She would just sit there and watch the people of Magix senselessly blow off fireworks and toss confetti that would only dirty the town's streets for the 다음 월 making them an unbearable spew of 무지개, 레인 보우 glitter. To her it looked like the faeries of Magix threw up all over the...
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These r some people but I wanna wish u all merry Xmas-
Lovebaltor-you were there when I needed u, but yet, only when I needed you. XD plus I liked ur 투표 ;)

Summerthunder- for being so kind and having AWSOME 포럼 and polls.

FloraorStella- we're have u been? U have been so nice to us but it I seems like u r gone from fanpop. We're r u? Well, merry Xmas!

Princess-Flora-for being kind and being what seems like a big sister to me-I learn a lot from u.

101musastella- for being one of my BFFs right from the start, even though I didn't know, I felt it. Thank u.

FloraJames- thank u for talking to me...
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"The feeling remains the same but I just walk through the story of forgotten fields I ran with you
to them it's the same a game, the shame, I leave you."

It was absolute bliss. Everything about this strange place. She knew exactly where it was, it was so familiar, but not at all. Like a long forgotten dream--you knew 당신 had it and you, 당신 just can't seem to recall it...but when faced with it again 당신 know exactly what to do. And that's where Icy was now in a filed with 잔디 bitten 의해 sparkling frost. She lie there looking up at the falling snow, it fell in shapes of the oddest nature, shapes...
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"I know I have 게시됨 it after a long break but I didn't got time to continue it. I promise 당신 guys I will be 더 많이 active in 글쓰기 it from now. Thanks for appreciating my older chapters. hope you'll like this one too."

HEARTBROKEN's special quote :

“ It easy to break a relationship but it’s not easy to forget a relationship”

Now we are goin’ to start our show with the most beautiful song I have ever heard that is “Love Will Remember” 의해 Selena Marie Gomez. Enjoy guys!
Now's all we got,
And time can't be bought,
I know it inside my heart
Forever will forever be ours,
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suddenly the 벨 rang and flora had to go to class
"well that the 벨 i have to go will i see 당신 again" flora said with hope in here eyes
"i hope so"helia said but before she could go helia grabed her hand and kised her
"i 사랑 u flora"
"me to helia"
then they parted and flora went to her class carnt witing to tell her 프렌즈 later
flora got into her last class witch was 음식 flora loved 음식 it was her favoriet subject she also realy liked her teacher called miss rose she had a dar 초콜릿 hair and hazelnut eyes food...
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Musa’s dream
I was wandering through the streets of Magix. I could tell it was late at night, since the moon was bright in the gloomy sky. As I walked around the abandoned streets with damage for miles on end, I could literally feel a presence watching me. So I decided to be 메리다와 마법의 숲 의해 looking back and behind was one of my best friends. She was the one who was able to contact me and boy was I glad to see her. I said “Flora, where have 당신 been? I searched for you.” She never did meet my gaze, but she did answer me “I have been with the others, we have been all taken captured but I managed...
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posted by Rainflowers
* The italics is Kristina’s dream*

Charlotte stepped into the large ship. It was even bigger on the inside then on the outside. She caught sight of her brother and twp of his friends. She ran quickly up to him. She gave him a quick hug and a broad smile but it quickly slipped into her usually worried frown. “I’m sorry I dragged 당신 into this.” She said looking down at her feet. James (her brother) pulled her chin up so she looked him in the eyes. “Hey, if I wasn’t going then 당신 wouldn’t be either.” She her older over protective brother. She sighed, still worried. “Oh, and...
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posted by Alifya
Hi girls!!
You know, well-groomed hands tell the world 당신 take care of yourself, they are the expression of femininity and youthfulness. How to have healthy and beautiful hands? It's not that difficult!

Here are some tips to keep your hands looking great!

1. Decide that 당신 are going to stop. Pick a 일 and say that's it. No 더 많이 nibbling. Now here are a few little ways to help.

2. There are some 쓴, 쓰라린 tasting liquids that can painted onto the nails. I don't know anyone who actually liked the taste, so this is going to slow 당신 down and give your nails a little time to start growing.

3. The minute...
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