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posted by Emmett4ever
The Weeknd...a new face in the 음악 world. Well 더 많이 like the Driizy 드레이크, 드레이 크 world. After being signed he began to captivate the world with his voice. From the cover of "Dirty Diana" 의해 Michael Jackson to "Rescue You" written 의해 himself (more 또는 less) The Weeknd has kept us with his calm and mysterious voice. The Weeknd has stayed true to himself. Making 음악 that fits his personality and though some of his lyrics are hard to understand 당신 just have to let go and let the 음악 flow and 당신 will be in total bliss. His soft voice makes 당신 feel so calm. The soft beat of the 음악 will have 당신 so relaxed. Though he knows how to make a party reeally upbeat. He's young. Only 22 years old. He understands what we all go through 또는 went through. 당신 just have to find it. But we all have our opinions and this one is mine. Hope 당신 liked it. Listen to 음악 and be yourself :)