Warning. Believe it 또는 not, this an opinion.. I know internet hates those.. But don't like, than simply don't read.. Not report, 또는 flag.. Hate 코멘트 are fine, if playful..

Also know as Governer's theme.
Think about it.. How much awesomeness does it add to that prison attack near the end of season 3.


We all know it.. We can't stop hearing it.
Someone on even made it into a rap beat.. I throw it on my videos.

Lets all go back to season 1.. After that whole near gun battle ends up being anti-climatic. My need for bloodshed and gunshots is filled when zombies kill Amy and attack the camp.. It's fucking awesome!

It's so disturbing.. Yet so awesome.. It's a good mix. What 더 많이 can I say.. Same goes for that entire intro to NO SANCURAY..

For obvious reasons, hearing Steven Ogg was gonna be in WALKING DEAD gave me a "nerdgasm". And too be honest.. Steven Ogg plays this guy as the complete opposite of Trevor.
Steve even says that Trevor Phillips won't last long in a zombie plague.

Simon is actually one of the LEAST insane of the Saviours.
He's Negan's right hand man.
And there's sort of a twisted charm towards Simon..

Not as much Negan.. But still there..

To me, this scene is just heartbreaking.. But not for reasons 당신 think..
Governer tried to change. The walkers in the road. When the Governor first kills Martinez, he screams "I don't want it!" as he's pushing him into the walkers. Then he gathers up the Chamblers and tells them that things are going to get really bad soon if they don't clear out of there, and that he doesn't want to put them through that. The conclusion? The Governor didn't want to be the Governor again. He wanted to be Brian, a normal family man who could be happy patching roofs and playing with his surrogate daughter Meghan. But he knew that as long as they weren't 안전한, 안전 under the camp's current leadership, he couldn't stop himself from a hostile takeover.. And in the end, "The Governer" won over "Brian".. I just find that heartbreaking..

Greatest thing in terms of zombie horror.. The creepy abandoned building.. And those friggin hands.. God damn, that's awesome..

Even if Merle is a racist prick.. I still 사랑 him way 더 많이 than his overrated, crossbow fetish'd, brother Daryl.. He chops off his own arm, killed a bunch of zombies. And got the hand replaced with that cool 총검, 대검 thing.. Even in death, he's fucking badass.

"I ain't gonna beg! I ain't begging you!"

First off, I 사랑 Negan.. Yes, go ahead, 신고 me wait now.

And Glenn's death wasn't a huge shock to me, I new he died in the comics, it was the fake out from earlier in season 6 that got me.

Same with Abraham.. It's not the comics, but I knew he was gonna die. I wasn't shocked.

But lets talk about other stuff.. EVERYONE has talked about those deaths.

Frankly.. Negan is one of the greatest villains I have ever seen.. Not just for Walking Dead.. But for anything.

Really think about it.
He has done what no villain ever done.
He single handedly BROKE Rick emotionally.
He made Rick his "bitch".

How many times do 히어로즈 say "I'll fucking kill you".
And the villain emotionally tortures him too the point that he is too traumatized too take the revenge that he swore..
Really think about that..

And better yet. He dose it all with a dark/twisted sense of humour.
I mean, really look back at the kills, and pay attention to what Negan is actually saying during it.

Plus.. When he reveals about Lucille. I literary shouted "CALLED IT!!".. Than got a weird look from my mom, who was doing laundry..

Like an idiot, Rosita shoots Negan in public. God I hate her sometimes.. But it leads to the first time, we see Negan turn serious.. It's so awesome.. In a settle kinda way.


* Shane's big speech at the barn.

* Rick killing Shane.

* The Woodbury fight leading to Oscar's death.

* Governer calmly killing zombies.. "Like a boss".

* The gunfight that introduces the first episode EVER..