Rebekah and Elena were both sitting on the couch, as far away from the other as possible. “So, 당신 and Stefan are getting married? When did that happen?” Elena asked slightly surprised.
“Stefan and I know go way back. We knew each other long before 당신 were even conceived” Rebekah answered smug. “But Nik compelled him to forget, until I convinced him to break the compulsion. He was a little off, Nik, I mean. I think he’s having trouble making Caroline and Tyler break up. He told Tyler to stay away from Caroline, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference”
Elena nodded, then frowned. “Wait, what? Why would Klaus want to break them up? And what does Tyler have to do with Klaus?”
Rebekah gasped and covered. “Oh, damn it, I wasn’t supposed to say that” she acted upset. “Oh, well, 당신 might as well hear the rest of it. My brother Nik sired Tyler. He turned him into a vampire/werewolf. We needed your blood to do that and so we 스톨, 훔친 it from you. Katherine and I. But then 당신 became ill and we couldn’t use your blood anymore. Anyways, Tyler told Nik about Veronica and Nik told Tyler to keep an eye on her”
“Does that mean Tyler’s a hybrid now?” Elena asked.
Rebekah clapped her hands. “Wow, you’re so clever, Elena. Yes, he’s a hybrid and the best part is, he’s not allowed to tell anyone”