“They took Katherine? Why?” Damon asked dismayed.
“They didn’t take her. They just…they won’t let her go” Derek said agitated. “Like I said, she was upset and she was in the mood for some kills. But Ronnie had already summoned us to capture you, so when Katherine came we could easily overpower her”
“You mean 당신 took her 의해 surprise” Damon snapped disgusted. Derek shrugged uneasy. “Yeah…Ronnie shot a few arrows in her back and Rachel snapped her neck” he explained.
“Who the hell is Rachel?” Damon asked frowning and squeezing his eyes.
“She’s Kelsey and Amber’s mother. Her husband was murdered. They slid his throat” Derek answered horrified. “Not that it was such a big loss. I mean, the man was a total dick and- hey, where are 당신 going?”
Damon had left Derek alone and was now running back to the house. Derek followed him and blocked him.
“You can’t go back, that’s exactly what Ronnie expects 당신 will do” he said.
“Well, I can’t leave her in there” Damon protested.
“I didn’t say 당신 should, but we can’t just go back” Derek said. “Not 의해 ourselves, we can’t”