Caroline was showing the new moves to the cheerleaders, when she saw Tyler heading her way from the corner of her eye. “Okay, practice is over. Nelly, you’re going to have to practice that spin” she said, before quickly walking away.
“Caroline!” Tyler shouted. He knew she was walking away because of him. “Caroline!” he shouted a bit harder, but Caroline just continued ignoring him. “I didn’t see 당신 last night at Homecoming”
Caroline stopped, but didn’t bother turning around. “That’s because your eyes were glued onto Virginia” she said snarky.
“Veronica” Tyler corrected her.
“Whatever” Caroline commented careless.
“What do 당신 want from me, Caroline?” Tyler asked desperate. “I’m seeing Ronnie now, I’m sorry if that hurts you. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends, does it?”
“Can I ask 당신 something? And do 당신 promise me to tell me the truth?” Caroline said kind of bossy.
“Yeah, sure” Tyler promised.
“How come 당신 didn’t turn last night?” Caroline asked. “It was a full moon, why didn’t 당신 turn?”
Tyler stared at her, not knowing how to explain himself. In fact it was really simple. He just couldn’t tell her.
“Caroline, I really want to tell 당신 exactly what happened,” Tyler started, putting accent to all his words. “but…I can’t. It’s…complicated”
Caroline nodded and turned away. “I can’t believe Klaus was right about you” she muttered between her teeth.
“Wait, Klaus?” Tyler exclaimed. “You’ve been talking to him?”
“Yeah” Caroline confessed. “It’s not like I had a choice. He just took me with him. 당신 were a little too occupied to notice”
“You have to stay away from him” Tyler warned her. “He’s dangerous”
“Gee, 당신 think?” Caroline asked sarcastically. “Look, why don’t 당신 go back to Veronica and stop telling me who I should and shouldn’t hang out with” She pushed Tyler aside and walked away, leaving Tyler stunned.