I understand why a lot of people hate Klaus. He's a psychopathic murderer who only cares for himself. Obviously evil. But whenever Liking 또는 disliking Klaus is brought up, I notice people always say "He killed Jenna!" Yes, that's awful. But it would be a tad hypocritcal if that was the only reason someone hated Klaus.

If 당신 look back on it, Damon killed a lot of characters to. Certainly, Klaus probably wins on the total death toll, but I feel like I'm the only one who remembers Damon killed Zachary Salvatore in season 1. I liked Zach, and he was Stefan and Damon's only family left. It was a maaaaaajor dick 옮기기 to kill him. Yet I don't see people saying "I hate Damon because he killed Zach". [Oh, and like bdavis98 mentioned, Stefan killed his own father.]

All I'm saying is, Damon and Stefan have both done unforgivable things. They've both been evil, and 믿을 수 없는 assholes. Yet people are able to overlook that, but not Klaus's misdeeds. If 당신 want to hate Klaus, go ahead. Like I said before, he's kinda psycho and evil. After everything he's done, it's justified to hate him. But don't hate him just for the fact he killed Jenna. It just seems hypocritical to me to hate him merely for that fact, when other characters have done things just as bad and we all forgave them for that.

Just for the record, I like both Klaus and Damon's characters. I am willing to admit that they're bad news though. Well, lately not so much Damon. Though turning Bonnie's mom was a really awful thing to do.

Edit: The only point of this 기사 is to point out that hating Klaus "because he killed Jenna" is kind of silly, when there's so much 더 많이 to hate him for, better reasons. There have been plenty of great characters killed 의해 our own 가장 좋아하는 cast, and we don't hate them for it. That's all.