20.Bart Vs.Thanksgving
This episode is the first to really test the relationship between Bart and Lisa; The centerpiece dispute gets way blown out of proportion, Bart, convinced he's in the right, not letting up and apologisng to his sister, who, in turn, maybe does overreact slightly.The roof scene is one of my faviroute Simpson scenes though;It shows Bart cares very much for his little sister, and, when Lisa kisses Bart and they hug, that part melts my 심장 x3

19.Lost our Lisa
This was the first episode i saw that i was old enough to remember well.It also has the infamous Cherrypicker scene, Homer saying he'll rescue Lisa, then 5 초 later, screaming for her to rescue him. It also ratifies Homer is infact, a good father, his approach to parenthood is just 더 많이 ritsy and blunt, which counters Marge's anhecdonic take on family life.Another thing it reafirms is Lisa wanting to grow up before she's ready-she has to accept shes just a kid, and, 의해 the end of it, shes at peace with the dilemma. bart is also freakin' hilarious wearing his novelty facegear.

18.24 minutes
Great episode. I don't like 24, but, this is a hilarious spoof-usually the problems in 24 are life risking, and one of the ones in this take on 24 is a ruined cake.This was jsut a fun little add on, it didn't make any character development, 또는 rienforce any character traits, It was just a laugh.

17.Brother from another series
I freakin' 사랑 Sideshow Bob, helping Bart, or, trying to kill Bart, Kelsey Grammer makes me 사랑 him, he's one of the best characters outside the family.This episode was nice, because, I did like his borther alot, and, I enjoyed seeing Bob as a good guy, and, the damn scene is pretty cool too.

16.Last exit to Springfeild.
Awsome episode. Not for Lisa, and not for the workers union, but, It shows Homer is actually, a great leader, and he is very dedicated to children. I also 사랑 the song Lisa plays on the Guitar, she has a beautiful 노래 voice, braces 또는 no.I also almost fell off my chair when Mr.Burns started to talk like the Grinch;
Look at them all, through the darkness I'm bringing.
They're not sad at all. They're actually singing!
They sing without juicers.
They sing without blenders.
They sing without flunjers, capdabblers and smendlers!

15.Lisa's 날짜 with density
I'm a huge 팬 of Lisa, I'm alot like her, to be honest.This episode was good because it centred around a character that later becomes one of The Simpsons greatest assests-Nelson.Although the episode ends with Nelson saying there is no good inside him, 당신 can tell he does have some sweetness. For example, when he kisses Lisa, his intentions aren't very chivalrous, trying to shut her up. But, when he finds he enjoys 키싱 Lisa, he tries his best to act accordingly-he fails miserabley, but, they end on good terms, so, It a good episode of character growth, especially for Lisa.I hope they get back together, like 'Loan a Lisa' hints.

14.The crepes of wrath
There isn't alot to say about this episode, but, It's a good storyline, albeit, slightly far-fetched, but, I feel alot of empathy for Bart during his ordeal. I didn't like Adil. He was annoying, and Homer took to him really quickly. This is one of the first episodes that shws how much distain for Bart Principl Skinner does infact have.

13.Lisa's sax
사랑 the Sax. I play. This episode is great because It gives Lisa and Bart kore backstory, and and origin to Bart's bad behaviour and failing grades at school-the fact no-one had any belief he could do well at school, and Lisa's constant neuroticism about people overlooking her talents, which, they often do-The fact Homer was reluctant to help nuture her gifts.I also 사랑 the song Lisa plays at the end 'Baker street'-It's a beautiful song.

12.Lemon of Troy
Unites Springfeild as a town. Also our first real look at the Cousin-oggling jerks in Shelbyville, and, a good Kid adventure-I find the adventures without adults, and just kids are amusing, because, It brings out the best in the kids-Bart's outstanding Leadership skills, Lisa's maturity under pressure, etc etc. The line about the 레몬 나무, 트리 being the backbone of the kids' economy made me chuckle like Dr.Hibbert aswell.

11.Das bus
Another adventure centred around the kids, in which, they all utilize their skills. I'm a big 팬 of Lord of the flies, the book this episode is loosley based around.This episode utilizes Bart amazing leadership, like in Bart the general, where he stads up to Nelson.The trial scene was also quite inventive and enjoyable.

10.Lisa on ice
Another epsiode that shows how much Bart and Lisa actually care for eachother. It was also funny that Homer had deliberatley pitted them against eachother, to contest for his affection, and 의해 the end of it, the whole town either suppourted Lisa 또는 Bart. It was another heart-warming scene when they both threw off their equipment, and left the game a tie-causing a riot, but, atleast they're happy. I was suprised Lisa was so good at hockey, and how jealous Bart got, but, It's a good episode.

9.How I spent my strummer vacation
사랑 the bit where he goes 'There's plenty of interesting instruments, like Bass.' then plays some really crummy 베이스 guitar, and everyone mobs him.Other then that, I like Homer trying to be a rocker, and actually being fairly good at it. He also acts very childish when he has to leave camp. Although the family don't play a large part in this episode, It just gives other characters-like Cheif Wiggum-some of the limelight.

8.Large Marge
An iconic episode for the character of Marge, and, It brings up the 질문 of gender and sexuality in The Simpsons. For example, when Marge tells Lisa to not disrespect her for flashing, as Lisa is a feminist, and, would probably be mighty ashamed 또는 her mother. This episode also has a great musical number, and a good sidestory that comes together with Marge's at the end, with Bart getting Krusty in trouble, but not getting a song, despite his best efforts.

7.Lisa the iconoclast
Yes, another Lisa episode. This episode is one of the few Lisa and Homer are allies, despite their clashing personalities.This episode also gives Springfield some 더 많이 backstory, and, ratifies Lisa's very high intelligence and her value of integrity. This episode doesn't only show growth from lisa, but, from Homer aswell, he being the only one who believes Lisa's allegations about Jebediah Springfeild.

6.Bart's comet
Hilarious. Bart is the last person you'd expect-or want- to find a comet.It again sums upthe people of Springfeild as being quuite apathetic towards people, but, deep down, being good people.

5.One fish, two fish, blowfish, blue fish
The most morbid and emotionally compelling of the Simpsons, this si the only episode which has almost had me in tears. A great bit of character development in Homer is seen here, as he devotes his last hours to his family, for better, 또는 for worst. The scene I like the most is near the end, when he says goodbye to his children, whilst they are unaware of his state;
Goodbye, Maggie. Stay as sweet as 당신 are.
Goodbye, Lisa. I know you'll make me proud.
Goodbye, Bart. ... I like your sheets.
-- Homer tucks in his children one last time,
``One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish''
Uusally the 'I like your sheets' would make me laugh, but, it didn't, It was all too blue.

4.Marge Vs. The Monorail
Again, this features a great musical number. It's pretty average 의해 Springfeild's standards, the gulliable Mayor Quimby being conned into a really usless purchase, one that almost kills beloved celebrities. Tghis episode doesn't feature alot of character growth, but is one of the few that centre around Marge.

3.Summer of 4ft. 2
This episode again shows how petty Bart can be, and how cruel and cold towards Lisa he can be. Although this episode doesn't seem to make much sense, as Lisa is shown in earliar episodes to have some friends, It's a good story, with a cool setting, away from the rut of cantral Springfeild.

2.Home sweet homediddly-dumdooily
Such a sweet family episode, and such a great misunderstanding. It's quite a pathetic, but honest, mistake. I 사랑 how Bart and Lisa look when they're apparentley 'neglected'. I felt very real pity for them-both of them having a really crummy day, then being taken from their parents. It also shows 당신 dont need a perfect family(which the Simpsons are a very long way off becoming) to be happy. The thing 당신 need to remember in this episode is, there is no bad guy. The social workers were just doing their job, and Skinner did phone them with good intentions, and even Ned did take in 3 더 많이 kids, bringing up his total to 5 children, and It's kind to take in 3 'neglected' children, voluntarily.

1.I 사랑 Lisa
One of the first episodes I ever saw. The thing I've noticed abut Lisa is even though she's only eight, alot of her story focuses on her crushes and 사랑 life, and, this is no exception. Ralph is a sweet kid, who probably doesn't deserve the coldness Lisa gives him, but, he is abit stalker-ish at one point, thanks to his 호두, 월 넛 shooting dad, who advises him to never loose his cool and be persistent whilst trying to win Lisa heart. The 그네, 스윙 scene at the end is healthy for both characters;Ralph accepting him and Lisa will just remain friends, and Lisa finally realising she shouldn't be so cold to Ralph. This is the first episode to centre around one of the shows most 인기 characters-Ralph, so, It is a milestone in The Simpsons history.

Bart and Lisa's embrace in 'Bart Vs Thanksgiving'
Homer and Lisa discover the secret of this weird stone ball thing
Bart's prank call in the '24' mimic
Bob and Cecil in 'brother from another series'
Braceface Lisa playing 기타 in 'Last exit to Springfeild'
Lisa and Nelson share a 키스 in 'Lisa's 날짜 with density'
Slave Bart in 'The crepes of wrath'
Lisa play her first Saxophone note in 'Lisa's Sax'
The backbone of the kids economy in 'The 레몬 of Troy'
Lord of the flies-esque 'Das bus'
Lisa and Bart size eachother up in 'Lisa on ice'
Homer rocks out in 'How I spent my strummer vacation'
Libido Lobsters in 'Large Marge'
Homer the town crier in 'Lisa the iconoclast'
Bart's claim to fame in 'Bart's comet'
Venmous 'fugu' in 'One fish, tow fish, blowfish, bluefish'
Lavish musical number in 'Marge Vs The Monorail'
Bart's mystery 날짜 in 'Summer of 4ft. 2'
'Neglected' bart and Lisa.
Ralph walks Lisa 집 in 'I 사랑 Lisa'