NARRATOR: What is Buttercup doing?!

(Buttercup stops herself before she goes off the edge.)

BUTTERCUP: What am I doing?!

(She sits there on the edge, crying. She misses Butch terribly. She waits till' Bubbles and Blossom go 집 with Brick and Boomer. Then she goes back up to Butch and starts whispering 다음 to Butch's ear.The night is falling. Finally night comes.)

BUTTERCUP*whispering*: The way I lean down to 키스 you...I lie awake and miss you...cause' I'll doze off 안전한, 안전 and soundly, but I'll miss you're arms around me. I watched the 일 turn to night blue, but it's not the same without you... because it takes two to be happy. The silence isn't so bad, I took my paws and feel sad. I'd repose in 2 ways, I'm sure I wont sleep for two days. Anytime I blink, I see your face when I think... When you're eyes get brighter, and heavy wings glow lighter, I'll see 당신 and plead 당신 to be alive... and you'll forget the world 당신 new, but promise me 당신 won't forget me 또는 you... I whisper in you're ear....oh please, I wish 당신 were here....

NARRATOR: What a sweet luliby...

(Just then, Butch starts breathing. His eyes open, and he stares at Buttercup.)

BUTCH*whispering*: Buttercup?

(Buttercup was turned around the other way and looked up in shock.)

BUTTERCUP: I'm hearing things...

(She burries her head in her paws.)

BUTCH*whispering*: No. You're not. I'm here...

(Buttercup looks up again, and turns around. She sees Butch and just sits there, in shock.)

BUTTERCUP*crying joy*: Butch? Butch! It is you!

(She pounces on him and hugs him.)

BUTTERCUP: This is a mirical! I missed 당신 so much!

BUTCH: I missed 당신 too. Buttercup?


BUTCH: I 사랑 you.

BUTTERCUP: I 사랑 당신 too. Come on, lets go back to the house. I'm tired of being a feline.

BUTCH: I don't want to take any 더 많이 risks of being a dog.


(They both walk 다음 to each other, going home. They get back to the house.)

BUTTERCUP: Were here. Come on. I'll go in first. Just for them to know your not a ghost.

BUTCH: Alright.

(Buttercup walks into the house. She acts all sad.)

BLOSSOM: Buttercup, your still sad?


BUBBLES: Why? I thought 당신 loved him!


BUBBLES: Then why aren't 당신 sad?

BUTTERCUP: Because...

(She signals Butch to come in.)

BUTCH: Hi guys!!!!


(They come run to him.)

BUTTERCUP: Butch, come on.

BUTCH: Okay.

(The two walk over to the fireplace,(and yes Professor does have one.) and lay down to sleep.)

NARRATOR: What a cute couple...

It IS you!