Narrator: So Boomer, what's it like being the cute one?

Boomer: It's fun! I get free 캔디 and toys sometimes.

Narrator: I see. Well, if there's one thing, that is special about you, is that 당신 are not afraid to show who 당신 really are.

Boomer: Uh huh. My brothers often get embarrassed 의해 me when we are in public but they are jealous because I can be girly and manly. I'm the best of both.

Narrator: Interesting. I must ask you, explain your manly side for us?

Boomer: Well, I like to eat beetles, and... uhh... I kick butt, but for crime fighting purposes only. Hmm... and put on some of Brick's cologne sometimes and oh yeah, spit loogies.

Narrator: Cool. And tell us about your girly side.

Boomer: I like to pick flowers, and I 사랑 개 and cats. I 사랑 bubbles (not Bubbles) and bunnies.

Narrator: Woah... okay. Let's 옮기기 on to something else. Um... do 당신 ever worry about people questioning your character?

Boomer: What do 당신 mean?

Narrator: Well, do 당신 worry about people saying that you're not "rowdy" enough?

Boomer: Hey!! I'm rowdy enough!

Narrator: Okay, okay! Let's 옮기기 on to your brothers.

Boomer: Awesome dude!

Narrator: Let's talk about Brick first. Thoughts?

Boomer: My older brother? Just kidding! He's like my older brother. He tells me what to do. He yells at me if I am doing something wrong. He's bossy...

Narrator: Give me your best "Brickisms".

Boomer: Gladly! "Boomer, stop talking while you're eating!" and "Boomer, how many times must I tell 당신 not to go through my stuff?". There is also "Boomer, you're too close to the TV" and "Boomer, stop using my pencil sharpener to sharpen your crayons!".

Narrator: Wow...

Boomer: Yeah, but there's a reason why he's so bossy. It's because he loves me.

Narrator: There's some truth behind that. He does care about 당신 and Butch alot... and speaking of Butch...

Boomer: Yeah, Butch is mean. He enjoys scaring me, he cheats, and he always likes to pick fights with me. But he can be fun. He's fun to get in trouble with,.

Narrator: Really?

Boomer: Yeah, he's full of adventure most of the time.

Narrator: So Boomer, before we 덮개, 랩 up this interview, do 당신 want anything else to say?

Boomer: Yes! Bubbles, if 당신 watching this... call me!