The Rowdy Girls House Rules!

HaleyDewit posted on Oct 18, 2013 at 12:39AM
What can I post?

Anything you're a fan of. Yes, that includes things I, the creator, am not a fan of. So, if you're a Stelena fan (wink at Char and Marta), then knock yourselves out and add your stuff here :) Hell, I will even fan them. After all, this is not my spot. It's our spot.

What can't I post?

Anything that is against the Fanpop rules or anything that could offend any of us. We all have our equalities and differences, but we're mature enough to treat each other with respect.

Is anyone allowed to join?

Yes, the more the merrier. However, not anyone can call themselves a rowdy girl. It takes more than clicking a button to be worthy of that name

That's it for now. Any more questions? Don't be afraid to ask them :)
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over a year ago LovingLucy said…
Oh boy... Here comes LUCY ICONS!!!!!
over a year ago flowerdrop said…
i just noticed we don`t have a chat room, so i just want to say
Ellen, thanks to you we have this spot, and you are doing amazing job updating and working here, sometimes it seems that you are doing everything alone, i know most of us are very busy, and we don`t have enough time to be here all the time, but i just want to give you some credit with everything that you do. Great job, you are an amazing friend
over a year ago HaleyDewit said…
Aww, thank you so much, Ana :)
over a year ago flowerdrop said…
Well, i think you deserve more than this few words