I’m quiet on the outside
An all-wrecking, raging storm on the inside
I can’t speak,
Because I fear I can only produce inhuman cries
But my inner screams overwhelm any external sound
I don't blame 당신 for not seeing behind my hollow eyes
I don't blame 당신 for not hearing anything but silence
And I don't blame 당신 for not feeling my 심장 breaking in my chest, over and over again
But I wish 당신 would just hold me, and tell me I'll be okay. That somehow, this all-consuming pain is not going to kill me. That I will come out of this, stronger.
I wish I could distance myself from this destruction,
But I belong in the center of the hurricane
Because I need this pain, like I need oxygen
So, let my ravel in my agony,
Without it I am nothing