After having digested those unmistakable words Beth muttered something about a 셔츠 she had to 암퇘지, 뿌리 다 for Dale. She quickly separated herself from the malicious child-hater and headed back to the house.
She walked straight to Dale’s room and shut the door. She ran to the window that had a perfect view on the background. It was a sad thing her parents had to be the center of distraction, but right now she had no other choice but to take advantage of it.
She walked to the closet, opened the drawer, took out a pencil and paper and then went sitting at the table. She placed her pen on the paper and started writing.

“Dear Debbie,

I don’t know where 당신 are, 또는 how long it will take for this letter to reach you, but 당신 have to come back. Dale and Agnes are being very mean to me and everyone is being mean at mommy and daddy. They even had to give up their room and their clothes. They are no longer allowed with the other people. They have to do all kinds of chores. And I have to work for Dale. Most of the time I’m locked up in his room. He’s had sex with me, but he told me I was a big disappointment. He really wants you, Debbie. I bet that if you’d come back he wouldn’t treat 당신 as badly. Things would be better if 당신 came back.
I 사랑 당신 and I miss you,


That was perfect, Beth decided. If Deb heard how Dale was treating her parents and her little sister she would come running straight back to them.
She folded the letter and put it in an envelope. Then she wrote down Debra’s name, but after that she stopped. She had to write an address, but she had no idea where Deb was.
“What are 당신 doing?”
Beth froze. The sound of Agnes’ voice was something she had learnt to be frightened of.
“Dale asked me to check up on you” Agnes continued as she walked further into the room. “So” she repeated with a nod at the envelope. “What are 당신 doing?”
Beth looked down and flipped the envelope in her hands. Then she looked up again with a guilty expression on her face.
“You’re trying to write your selfish sister a letter to come and rescue you?” Agnes guessed scoffing.
“She’s not selfish!” Beth erupted defensively.
“Well, she left 당신 here, didn’t she?” Agnes snapped. Then, in a 더 많이 indulging voice: “Look, 당신 don’t even know where Debra is. So why don’t 당신 give me that letter, then I’ll make sure she gets it”
Beth frowned suspicious. “But 당신 don’t know where she is, either”
“No, but I have friend, I will find out” Agnes assured her. Her fingers eagerly reached for the envelope and after a moment of hesitation Beth gave in.