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LisaForde posted on Sep 07, 2010 at 07:05PM

The ending stupid. I mean COME ON Tiana got the talisman threw it on the ground and you see all these evil demon spirits chanting and dragging him to hell and he turns to stone. I swear to god Enchanted is 100% better as Giselle kicked Narissa’s ass and saved what’s his face in the end(well Pip helped but hey she did risk everything for this man so yeah).

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over a year ago Genius_626 said…
I do agree that the end of Enchanted was way more heroic on Giselle's part, she did kick more ass than tiana (and that is more climactic and exciting) but I didn't think the end of TPATF was that bad. personally, I didn't care how Facilier died, I just wanted him dead :) if you know what I mean
over a year ago glelsey said…
I wouldn't say it was stupid, and I haven't seen Enchanted so I can't compare it to that. I thought it seemed a little simplistic though. But rather than thinking about Tiana "not kicking butt" so much, I thought it made Facilier look a little weak.

He was portrayed as all-powerful throughout the movie, and then he was killed because a little trinket got smashed.