Hello Office fans!

I just finished up making an Office: Power 시간 video. What is a power 시간 당신 may ask? It's 60 shots of 맥주 in an hour. For a video power 시간 such as this, there are 60 one 분 clips from the Office seasons 1-6. After each clip, a screen is shown to remind 당신 to drink the shot of beer. 의해 the end, 당신 should have drank between 5 to 7 beers depending how full 당신 fill your shot glass. Pretty simple, eh?

So grab some friends, some beer, the video, and a shot glass for each person playing. Fill your shot glass with 맥주 and prepare to play. Further directions are outlined at the beginning of the video.

Because the Office is copyrighted, I obviously can't just post this anywhere - which is why it's a torrent. If 당신 don't know how to use bittorrent, 구글 it. If 당신 do, please proceed to my site to find the 링그 to download. Don't forget to seed please!


From one 팬 to another, hope 당신 enjoy.