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The Muppets Who's your 가장 좋아하는 Muppeteer?

16 fans picked:
Jim Henson
Steve Whitmire
Frank Oz
Kevin Clash
don&# 39; t know/ can&# 39; t pick, they all do a very good job...
don't know/can't pick, they all do a very good job :)!!
(added by Catherine51197)
Jerry Nelson
no votes yet
Dave Goelz
no votes yet
Bill Barretta
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Fran Brill
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Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
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Richard Hunt
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Eric Jacobson
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Brian Henson
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too many
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(added by i-love-tangled)
 peacelovetv95 posted over a year ago
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Tigressfan10689 picked Steve Whitmire:
To be honest...
posted over a year ago.