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 The Mentalist /3x13/ Red Alert
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Source: Warner Bros. 텔레비전 /caps 의해 me
Jane's quick thinking is needed when he and others are held at gunpoint 의해 an armed man accused of murder.
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This The Mentalist screencap contains 거리, 도시 현장, 도시의 설정, 도시 장면, 도시 설정, 도시 거리, 도시 장면 설정, and 차도. There might also be 신사복, 비즈니스 정장, 펠리칸 교차, 펠리컨 횡단, 펠리 칸 건너, 자동차, suv, and 트럭.

So. Jane and Lisbon.

The writers and actors don't want those two to get together. In fact, they laugh at the 팬 that want them to. Which personally I find a bit rude, but I won't get into that. Anyway, their reasoning for them not getting together (at least right now) is "they have 더 많이 of a brother/sister relationship."


I'm sorry, but every time someone is trying to make an argument for why two people shouldn't be a couple, it's always either "they have no chemistry" 또는 "they have a brother/sister relationship." But I've never seen anyone deny Jane and Lisbon's chemistry, so I won't focus...
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