I 사랑 this poster.
Hi guys, I 사랑 this film from the bottom of my heart, so I'll 글쓰기 a short review about the film as well as the musical scores and the songs of the legendary film that brought us together.

The Story

Based on Shakepeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. The story has provides moral values that we learn in our lives as we grow up, the first one is the put your past behind 당신 and yes, it DOES hurt sometimes. But, we all change it and that we need to improve the future!
The film also promotes parental love, yes we make mistakes in our lives and we learn from it. I truly appreciate that! I was also very sad that Mufasa was killed 의해 his wicked brother, Scar who usurps the 왕좌, 왕위 successfully. But Scar pays a price when the hyenas turn their backs on him 의해 murdering him after the former betrays them.

The Musical Scores & Songs

I 사랑 the songs because it introduces me to African 음악 and it will teleport me to Africa! I hope to see the musical soon, one of the most scariest and dramatic musical scores is 'King of Pride Rock', the first half was scarier as if it was a haunted mansion theme 음악 또는 something!
Can 당신 Feel the 사랑 Tonight is an amazing duet, it has been sung 의해 many singers including Il Divo and Lea Salonga, just to name a few.
Hakuna Matata was the Let It Go of the early 90's until it was beaten 의해 My 심장 Will Go On from another Highest Grossing film, Titanic. These 2 songs are my ultimate favourite, alongside Let It Go!

Circle of Life

So, here are my review and opinions on the film overall. I hope that 당신 will enjoy to watch the film again!
The Great 원, 동그라미 of Life!