The Journey of Puleaveh Club
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Hows it going do 당신 think?

Our story begins with an elf gliding through the trees. His lean body let him jump from 나무, 트리 to 나무, 트리 as if he were flying.
It was spring, his 가장 좋아하는 time of the year. The daffodils and forsythia were in bloom, and the trees were once again turning green. He stopped on a particularly large branch and looked up into the clear sky. His dark blue eyes without the memories of the horrors of war, his skin without the scars of the torture it brings. For he was yet young, and all the time he has been alive has been peaceful.
He flew once 더 많이 through the trees. He loved...
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posted by StarPotterRings
Elves are the 초 race to inhabit Puleaveh. They generally look like men with fairer skin and pointed ears. Their lifespan is normally 400 to 500 years. They are a wise race, and have participated in many wars before. For the last century and a half nobody has participated in any wars. They are skilled with bows and 빠른, 스위프트 thin blades. They reside in the North, South, East, West, and center forests of Puleaveh. Also called Peninsule, Theas, Korl, Berges, and Ralgoth. Some also live as nomads and travel in small caravans.
posted by StarPotterRings
Milgas took in the beautiful land before him as he walked. On both sides of him were green fields with tall slightly wilted yellow flowers. Below, in the shade of the yellow 꽃 were small purple ones who hadn’t gotten the full blast of the sun. There were even smaller plants below them; small grasses and weeds that struggled to survive with the bigger flowers.
He walked on the dry dirt road. Cracks ran through it, they hadn’t had a rainstorm in quite a while. The cracks went to the edge of the road, where 잔디 and dandelions sprang up through the dirt. The sun was intense, for there...
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How's it going do 당신 think?
Milgas walked 집 deep in thought. How am I going to tell everyone?
He walked on the ground so he could think without falling out of a tree. He knew though exactly where he was. All the houses in the trees glowed with the faint light of candles. It’s getting late, Milgas thought. He could tell because one 의해 one the houses extinguished into darkness.
Milgas finally came to his parent’s house in the branches of an old oak. The lights were still on. He climbed the low branches and finally reached the door. He could now see the features of the house. It was small...
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