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BridgexJordan posted on Feb 25, 2012 at 07:30PM
The biggest question going around right now is: Who is the Collector? Tons of people of guessing different people to who it could be. Here are some of the most people i have found:

Vera Devenish- The first person everyone "Knew" it was. With her evilness, mysterious personality, being the only one who really met the collector, and most of all: The email that was sent of the Antechamber to Jasper from the collector that we saw Vera took. Well in 2/23/12's episode it should Vera step out of a car with the Collector. Nickelodeon really knows how to twist things on us don't they?

Amber's Dad- Thanks to the House of Anubis people posting the video that maybe it's Amber's dad, people are saying it could be Amber's dad. People are also saying Amber is helping her dad. First of all Amber is not that smart. Also would Jerome really know Amber's dad that well that he would be surprise and say "No it can't be" when he saw him. NO!

Jerome's dad- Now people think it could be Jerome's dad. That would be someone that Jerome would be surprised of that is the collector and say "No it can't be". But think about, HIS IN JAIL!!! Do you really think that he could escape? And do you think he would still the gem when he asked Jerome to find it and put it back where it belongs? NO! Also would he really be into all that Egyptian stuff?

Joy's Dad- Some people say Joy's dad. Joy's dad was only on the show in season 1 so that they could have Joy's family on the whole "Chosen one" thing. I bet he gave up all the "Live for ever" stuff after he found out that Joy was not he chosen one.

Poppy Clarke- Really people? POPPY?? 1, she's not as tall as the collector. 2, she doesn't care about Egyptian stuff. The only reason why people would think that she is the collector is because they needed it to be someone that Jerome was close to or knows very well.

Victor Rodenmaar Jr.- Reasons why it's not Victor: He doesn't need others to steel stuff in the house because he lives there, he didn't even know about the mask of Anubis until Vera told him about it, and also Jerome wouldn't be surprised that it was him.

Trudy Rehmann- Would she lock her self up? No. Some people really need to think about who they are guessing it to be before they post it.

And the most dumbest guest of all:


So some of the these I really didn't need to say because they were such dumb guesses but I just put everyone i saw that i knew wasn't it. I know that it's:

Rufus Zeno- says that it is him, him and the collector but where turtle necks, he locked Patrica up in the same place he locked Trudy up in, he likes the Frobisher-Smythe's stuff, and he want's the live forever. IT'S TOTALLY RUFUS ZENO!

Anyone else who you think it could be or anyone else who you have found who someone thought it could be but you know it can't?

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over a year ago sue189 said…
that is true and i found out that Rufus had a kid with vera and guess who that is? Amber!
over a year ago mrl1103 said…
really thats who i thought it was too!!!
over a year ago hoafabina13 said…
Awww Yeahhh I soo saw this coming I mean... I kinda figured something was up when they saw that "Renee Zeldman" was dead that didnt mean Rufus was dead
over a year ago xDark_Angelx said…
^^^You're kidding, right? Where did you find this out? It sounds ridiculous. Sorry, but Amber isn't anything like those two, and her being the parents of the two big baddies is just a bad idea I know the Anubis writers wouldn't go to.