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MrsLunatic posted on Aug 02, 2011 at 11:38AM
You look at the time on your computer, and then make a sentence with the options below. Simple, right?

Identify the hour on your computer's clock:

1h AM/PM → I punched
2h AM/PM → I dated
3h AM/PM → I called
4h AM/PM → I made love with
5h AM/PM → I seduced
6h AM/PM → I killed
7h AM/PM → I kicked
8h AM/PM → I asked for a date with
9h AM/PM → I cherished
10h AM/PM → I danced with
11h AM/PM → I slept with
12h AM/PM → I kissed

Identify the minutes on your computer's clock:

01 or 31 min → Alicia Florrick
02 or 32 min → Will Gardner
03 or 33 min → Diane Lockhart
04 or 34 min → Kalinda Sharma
05 or 35 min → Peter Florrick
06 or 36 min → Jackie Florrick
07 or 37 min → Zach Florrick
08 or 38 min → Grace Florrick
09 or 39 min → Eli Gold
10 or 40 min → Jonas Stern
11 or 41 min → Eli Gold
12 or 42 min → Cary Agos
13 or 43 min → Glenn Childs
14 or 44 min → Derrick Bond
15 or 45 min → Wendy Scott-Carr
16 or 46 min → Daniel Golden
17 or 47 min → Julius Cain
18 or 48 min → David Lee
19 or 49 min → Lana Delaney
20 or 50 min → Anthony Burton
21 or 51 min → Blake Calamar
22 or 52 min → Owen Cavanaugh
23 or 53 min → Matan Brody
24 or 54 min → Louis Canning
25 or 55 min → a policeman
26 or 56 min → a judge
27 or 57 min → a witness
28 or 58 min → a victim
29 or 59 min → an accused
30 or 00 min → a security guard

Identify the color of your shirt:

White → because I'm in love
Black → because I was drunk
Pink → because I'm nuts
Red → because the voices told me to
Blue → because I can't control myself
Green → because I hate myself
Purple → because I'm depressed
Gray → because I wanted to
Yellow → because someone offered me $1.000.000
Orange → because I hate him/her/it
Other → because I love myself
shirtless → because he/she/it was hot

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over a year ago MrsLunatic said…
I punched Grace Florrick because the voices told me to
over a year ago fuzz1890 said…
I slept with Anthony Burton because the voices told me to...
over a year ago MrsLunatic said…
I slept with Owen Cavanaugh because I wanted to
over a year ago MrsLunatic said…
I slept with Eli Gold because I was drunk
over a year ago timeandfate said…
I cherished Louis Canning because I love myself
over a year ago fuzz1890 said…
I danced with Daniel Golden because I love myself
over a year ago Costa said…
I cherished a victim because I'm in love
over a year ago fuzz1890 said…
I made love with Peter Florrick because I hate him/her/it
over a year ago timeandfate said…
I cherished Eli Gold because I love myself... :D:D
over a year ago timeandfate said…
I cherished Alicia Florrick because I love myself
over a year ago yumhotchocolate said…
I danced with Will Gardner because I was drunk.