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-M1D1Y1CY1MI0- Nimea Founded 의해 the Awrlet (Ar-lay) Expitidion. Ostrien (Aws-tryn) named Taproot Tribe. Government-supported missions begin conversion of the natives.
-M3D26Y3CY1MI0- First session of Parliament begins. Native representatives called Shiodo (Shee-owe-doe) introduce the first Dictation, the Dictae khanna consalidus (Dict-ay chaw-na con-sawl-ee-dus), ordering the many tribes of Nimea to form bigger tribes, named after the biggest 또는 most affluent of their specific people, thus making them 더 많이 like states and less like city-states.
-M5D9Y5CY1MI0- The Nimean Catholic Church is established...
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-M2D14Y1CY2MI0- King Christoph repels an attack on the capitol of Taetoro. He was Cannonized 의해 the provisional Papacy in it and the city was renamed after him (St. Christoph). NCLTR attempts to take the advancement in nonhuman soldiers, but fails.
-M5D2Y1CY2MI0- King Christoph liberates Kyndreau. Schism morality takes a hit. King Escalus of Kyndreau thanks King Christoph in person and pledges to help liberate Ostrien.
-M9D3Y1CY2MI0- Ostrien is liberated. Union forces take a boost to morale. King Anak (Ah-nak) of Vanatria had sabotaged the entire capitol. Though the Papacy was damaged, the building...
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Floating all around Sandman were his brothers, friends, and fellow leaders. He barely could keep his eyes open, seeing their sleepy looks and smelling from every passage the 쿠키 and 우유 that waited if any of them woke up.
But Sandman had a job to do. As the only one of his people who could stay awake long enough to be a ruler, it was his job to make sure they were taken care of.
Then he could sleep again.
Knocking on the door were what he could only assume were humans. No one else would be so stupid as to do something that could potentially awaken a large group of sleeping somni.
Sandman bowed...
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posted by thetacoman
Nate woke up with a start.
He was sweating, though he couldn’t imagine why.
“Sandman?” he called outside, assuming that the man was still outside his door. “Can 당신 come in?”
Drowsily, Sandman twisted the knob, awake enough to be able to understand further orders.
“Sir?” he asked, slurring his speech slightly.
“I had a nightmare, Sandman,” said Nate, sounding like a little kid.
Sandman sighed. “Come with me,” he said, helping Nate up.
So it’s happening again, thought Sandman. He only wanted to help his king, this… well, not much 더 많이 than a child, really, who was such a pleasure...
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Ianas set his crown right in the mirror. Appearance is everything, especially now, he said to himself. Today is going to be great.
"Ianas," asked a man from behind the door. "Are 당신 decent?"
"Indeed, Dyotullus" Ianas replied, donning a special pendant.
"The public awaits," Dyotullus said, himself stepping over to the mirror to fix his own crown. "We shouldn't keep them waiting."
Stepping in unison to the adress balcony, the two eventually saw a huge crowd of people from both of their tribes.
"As 당신 know, our tribes have been opressed 의해 the Taproot since the foundation," said Dyotullus. "Only...
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This 신고 commissioned 의해 the Royal Nimean Academy's Study of Great Villains and Beasts Wing.
By the order of His Excellency, Chancellor of the Nimean Education Department, Jacob Nortren, this document has been approved for viewing 의해 the general public and minimally taxed viewing 의해 the population of Earth and Surrounding Colonies.

The first case of mortus amorae is reported to be that of horrologist's apprentice Nami Otara. At first, he reported that a very tall man walked into his master's clock shop, asking him if he had any friends. Otara replied that he did, and his master (Yoseph Vit)...
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