Timmy's pov

Rose and I followed AW and AC downstairs. We were both confused as to why they cared? We being told that they are evil and can't love, but what if we were told was lies? I sighed I was giving myself a headache over this.

"Hello Children" came a monotone voice

"HP!" I yelled

"What are 당신 doing here?" Asked Rose

"Timothy don't yell at your grandfather" Said AC

"Grandfather?" I asked

"He is my daddy!" chirps AW

"Your half pixie?" Rose asked

"Yes she is my dear Rosalie" said Ac

"Cool, Cosmo and Wanda never told as about magical creature being half of something" Rose says

"Doesn't shock me little Rosalie 요정 don't like talking about it"said

"Why?" I ask

"Well..." HP started

"Is it because back when 요정 were young the use to mate with humans leading to magical children who were later accused for being witches. Which lead to the mass murdering of innocent humans 또는 is because 요정 would kidnap humans and turn them into half 요정 so they would have mate?"

Everyone included me stare at her.

"What I read a lot of different folk lore"

Ac Smiled

"It because 요정 believe 당신 should marry your own race Anti marrying antis so on." HP says

"That's stupid" I blurt out

"It's Timothy" say AC

A 벨 rings

"They here ya"

PARTY Time!" yells Foop who just floated into the room.

Soon the 성 is filled with anti-fairies and I don't feel scared not it the least.

I look at Rose who was sitting on chair eating I walked over to her.


"Hey Bro" she smiled

"Rose can I..." But I was cut off 의해 Ac

"Timothy Rosalie I like to introduced 당신 to your Uncles Anti- Binky and Anti-Rip Studwell" Says Ac

"Uncles?" we ask at the same time

"Yes, there Anti-Wanda's brothers and of course 당신 know Anti- Blonda"

"Some say my name?"

Anti- Blonda floated over and she looked at us.

"Aw they are so Cute! Ac why didn't 당신 tell me!"

"I thought 당신 wouldn't care" he says

She glares at him

Rose and I can't help but laugh. Maybe it would be ok here after all.

Rose pov

Wow AW had a big family and she got along with them all so well. It was nice to see that


I turn to see Anti- Blonda floating 다음 to me

"Hi Anti-Blonda" I said with a smile

"Oh Please call me Auntie!" She said with a smile

"ok Auntie what can I do 당신 for?"

She smiles

"You have amazing hair no wonder Ac didn't change it is natural?"

"It's I have no idea where I got it from since my parents have black and brown hair"

"Well It makes 당신 beautifully my dear"

I blush none has ever told me I beautifully not my parents, Cosmo, Wanda classmates.

"Thank you" I stammered

She stared at me for a 초 then smiled

"Well see 당신 Rose" she flew off

I didn't realize but I was holding my breath. I looked around at the party I saw all the anti-fairies and few pixies who were AW's family. So far all the Anti-fairies and pixies I had talk to were really nice 또는 were to me at least.

I closed my eyes trying to remember if the 요정 were that nice, they were too. Were pixies and Anti-fairies really evil like I been told it didn't seem like it. I sighed Life was so confusing

"Rosalie dear are 당신 ok?" AC asked in a worry tone

"Sorry thinking Ac"


I knew he ask that

"Nothing important great party" I said hoping he drop the subject

"You can tell me 당신 know" he says

"I Know Ac but really it's not a big thing"

He ruffles my hair

"If 당신 say so princess" he said smiling and flew off

I blush my thoughts were racing does he really care that much for Timmy and me 또는 is he using us. Yet I knew he wasn't that he really did care I want to cry and hug him and everything. I couldn't I had to be strong I couldn't be weak not in front of him again 또는 the others. I also couldn't stand if Timmy hated me because I started to feel like AC and AW could be better parents. I mean Cosmo and Wanda loved us, but as god children nothing 더 많이 nothing less.

They probably already moved on a forgot about us. I went back to the party trying to forget everything and have a good time.

Cosmo's pov

They were gone because of me... I was up unable to sleep both Poof and Wanda were still resting. I thought of my Timmy and Rosie how they were in the hands of my evil self probably locked away somewhere cold and wet. Scared out of their minds because of me. I looked at picture of the five of us Poof on 상단, 맨 위로 of Timmy's head, Rosie smile at the camera with a book in hand and Wand and myself hugging them.

I saw the Da rule book and picked up a throw it across the room. Both Wanda and I had come to 사랑 the twins 더 많이 than we should, but most the time god kids never had their 요정 for 더 많이 than a few mouths before they 로스트 them. Timmy and Rosie were different they protect us and fought for us.

Before Poof came into our lives thanks to the twins they were our kids then Poof came then we had a real family. I hate their parents 더 많이 than I let on and I knew Wanda was the same. Because of those Stupid rules the twins couldn't wish to be with us forever so they have a real family. Now we never see them again I laid back down a hope they were 안전한, 안전 and happy.

Ac's pov

The children . they were.. I really wanted them to like it here like us! Rosalie seem deep in thought I went to ask her what was wrong.

"Rosalie dear are 당신 ok?" I asked in a worry tone

"Sorry thinking Ac"


"Nothing important great party"

I knew she was trying to change the subject at hand.

"You can tell me 당신 know" I said

"I Know Ac but really it's not a big thing" she answer

I knew it wasn't nothing but I let it go I can't push her I want her to trust AW and I to tells us everything So I ruffled her hair

"If 당신 say so princess" I said then flew off I could see her blushing

The party went on to late that night Foop was in 침대 and sleeping. I had just said good-bye to the last of the guests when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn to see my sweet evil Wife smiling at me.

"What is my evil crumpet?" I asked

She put a figure to my lips and pulled me into the living room. What I saw was probably of the cutest things I had ever seen Rosalie and Timothy were sleeping on the 침상, 소파 but in the middle was Foop. He must snuck back downstairs. He was clinging to Rosalie and Timothy was hugging him.

My dear wife and her farther were taking picture of the scene. After they were done with that we decided to take the children to bed. HP took Foop, AW took Timothy and I took Rosalie.

I smiled as she snuggled into my chest I didn't care if she was asleep this was one the best moments in my immortal life. She seemed to be dreaming peacefully and I hoped that would stay that way.

"What happened in your past my little princess?"

I knew she wouldn't answer but still. I saw her as a princess and Timothy as the hero and prince. I laid her down on the 침대 and kissed her forehead.

"Sleep well Rosalie"

She smiled and snuggled under the blankets. I smiled myself and kissed her forehead again and I sat there for a bit just making sure no nightmares came. Thinking things will get better

AW's Pov

I carried my baby to 침대 he snuggled into my chest sleeping happily. I tuck he in the 침대 and I smiled at my baby.

"I hope your happy Timmy" I whispered to him'

After I made sure he was sleeping peacefully, I went to check on my other babies. Foop was sleeping just fine. I went to Rose room 다음 and found my Cozzie watching her.


He turned and smiled. I floated over to him and looked at are sleeping baby girl.

"They perfect" I whisper

MY Cozzie 키스 me

"They are and we make sure they have the best lives ever!" he says

I 키스 him

"We should go to 침대 dear" he says

"Okay Cozzie" I said 키스 him

Then the two of went to 침대 happy that are 아기 were sleeping peacefully