Timmy was sleeping in his room dreaming about the 일 he would marry his crush (A/N: I don't know her name sorry, bros.) As a bark shadow entered the room. The thing pick him up and poofed out of the safety of his room.

Wanda woke up and said "Good morning Cosmo,"

Cosmo smiled at his wife "morning honey," he said.

They poofed into Timmy's room "Good morning Timmy," Wanda said trying to wake up her godchild but then noticed he was not there. "Cosmo where's Timmy?"

"I don't know" he said with a shrug "Maybe he
went to school,"

"No, it's Sunday and even if he did have school he would not have left with out us," she said

"Maybe he to hang out with his friends," Cosmo said

"No, he would not have left this early" she said

"Okay let's not worry," Cosmo said

They heard sodding downstairs, followed it. "Where are 당신 Timmy?" dad asked crying

"See," Wanda whispered "even his parents are looking for him,"

"I see, I see !" Cosmo said "Maybe there is something to worry about,"

Okay in the 다음 part the story will start and the abuse will begin