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The 디즈니 Revival Era Which 애니메이션 impresses 당신 the most?

5 fans picked:
Moana: Water
Frozen: Snow and Ice
Tangled: Rapunzel's hair
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Tangled: Lanterns
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 ApplesauceDoctr posted over a year ago
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disnerdtobe picked Moana: Water:
And rapunzel hair is awesome and the lanterns too. Not really that impressed with frozen snow but I’m impressed with frozen’s writing (which is sorely underrated) and the two main protagonists.
posted over a year ago.
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Sparklefairy375 picked Moana: Water:
Pretty much all of them.
posted over a year ago.
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sunnyfields picked Moana: Water:
The water <3
posted 7 days ago.