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posted by WinterSpirit809
Just so 당신 know my opinion has changed a little, but not too much, so I hope 당신 enjoy! But, I saw a lot of people doing this, so I thought "why not?" This is my slightly updated opinion on things, so I know I mentioned how I ranked it when I did individual movie reviews. But my whole 상단, 맨 위로 three has changed, so just to clear that up!

Also I will not be doing the new Winnie the Pooh, as I have not see it and I hate to judge something I cannot see.

7. The Princess and the Frog

Okay, before 당신 get mad, let me explain. There are points of this movie I do like. I absolutely adored the characters and the soundtrack is definitely one of my favorites. But the plot? It was just to slow for me. Granted, all the other 영화 in this era are much 더 많이 fast paced, but I kind of prefer that to this movie.

It's just, I've only watched the whole thing altogether a few times, and the rest of the time I just watch bits and pieces of it. I just can't seem to make it through this movie, because it just drags on. I feel like there are so many unnecessary scenes, and I think it is just better to go watch the movie scenes I do like rather than sit through scenes that I dread watching. I mean I get why people like this movie- I really do. I just didn't like the plot. They did have a good idea, but it was just...meh.

6. Wreck it Ralph

I feel so guilty for putting this so low, because I really did like this movie. It's just not as good as the others in my opinion. I did like it, and I plan on seeing the new one 다음 year, but unlike the other movies, I can't watch this movie over and over again without getting bored. That's absolutely fine! It's still a good movie, but it's just one of those where I just want to watch it once at a time.

Also, Vanellope is one of my 가장 좋아하는 characters of this era!

5. Frozen

Oh, Frozen, how I have mixed feelings about you. See, with this movie, I 사랑 a lot of things about, other things I really don't know WHAT I feel towards. I know about the plot holes, which every movie has. I used to hate Elsa, but now I have extremely mixed feelings about her. I still don't 사랑 her as everyone else does, but I have some positive feelings about her, much 더 많이 than before.

However, I do feel Elsa gets much 더 많이 credit than she deserves, and the movie is kind of overrated. However, I enjoy it just as much as I did when it first came out, I just stay away from the 팬 (I've been personally bullied 의해 them, too, but I won't go into that). Despite the plot holes, that everyone LOVES to point out, (whereas I think there are just as many as other movies, but that's just me) it really is a good movie and I really enjoy it. I also like the short 겨울왕국 Fever, where imo, I think I liked Elsa's character more, but it is 더 많이 about her too. I have mixed feelings about this movie, but I guess my positive feelings trumps my negative feelings.

4. Tangled

As the first CGI 디즈니 Princess movie, I actually thought I would dislike it- at the time I really wasn't that into Disney. I did like 영화 such as The Little Mermaid and Lilo and Stitch. I also watched and enjoyed 디즈니 movies, but I wasn't as big as a fangirl as I later became in my teen years. What I'm saying is, this is one of the 영화 that really got me into Disney, and even fangirl over other 디즈니 movies.

I thought the way they redid the tale of "Rapunzel" (a story I personally loved growing up) was very creative. I liked the characters, although thry were probably my least 가장 좋아하는 of the era, and really enjoyed watching them. Rapunzel was actually my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princess for a long time (but I kept redoing my list, over and over again so unfortunately she isn't anymore). Eugene is still one of my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Princes. I LOVED the animal characters, as I do actually like comic relief characters. I also thought Mother Gothel was a great villain! This is one movie I can just watch over and over again without getting bored.

So, overall, it was just a really well done movie.

3. Zootopia

So, I just watched Zootopia yesterday, so my memory of this movie is actually pretty good. But, honestly it used to be my 가장 좋아하는 movie, but now it's my third 가장 좋아하는 movie, not because I like it any less, just I like the other two more.

So, anyway, it was just a great and such a creative movie about diversity. At first, I admit I thought it was going to be stupid, but the 더 많이 I saw of it the 더 많이 I wanted to watch it. I honestly thought it was so much better than the commercials made it look. It even did better box office wise than I thought! I mean lots better.

But anyway, Nick and Judy have a relationship similar to Rapunzel and Eugene, except they become simply 프렌즈 in the end instead of significant others. But anyways, this movie shows so much diversity with 동물 instead of humans, which I believe was a good metaphor. It showed a lot of examples of bigotry and stereotypes. Like, how a bunny can't be a cop because they're small. Also, we get a glimpse of how poorly Nick was treated because he was a fox. Also, I really enjoy how Judy's bully, Gideon Gray, grew up to be a really nice person. It's nice to see 디즈니 showing its viewers how people can change, and aren't just naturally bullies.

I don't know, there is just so many amazing things about this movie, and it's just really hard not to babble on and on, especially when I need to get to my 상단, 맨 위로 two movies.

2. Big Hero 6

In 초 place, is Walt Disney's first animated movie based on a Marvel comic book, Big Hero 6. 당신 see, I'm not usually this into superhero movies, I mean I like them, but usually, I prefer 뮤지컬 to superheroes (so basically, it would normally not get number two on a list with a bunch of 디즈니 movies, especially one where four out of the seven are musicals) but this movie is truly an exception.

To start with, Hiro is my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 character, and Baymax is close to the top, as well. Although, I do wish we could've seen 더 많이 of Honey Lemon, GoGo, 프레드 and Wasabi, I hope to see them 더 많이 in the series. Aside from this, the movie was actually really great. I enjoyed the plot, as cliched as it was, and this is one of those few movies, that I found myself laughing and crying within 분 of each other. Although many characters didn't have as much screen time as I feel they should have, they were great characters. In fact, I can't even think of one character in this movie I actually dislike. Even Callaghan, I could somewhat see where he was coming from (not excusing his actions, just saying I understand why he did it).

I also thought Hiro was a very relatable and realistic teenager, which makes his story even 더 많이 realistic. Again, I'm not usually as into superhero films, as I am with musicals, but Big Hero 6 is truly an exception.

1. Moana

Oh my god, where do I even start with this movie? It's just so amazing, and definitely one of the best in my opinion. The storyline was brilliant , the 애니메이션 was beautiful and the 음악 was just phenomenal. I just enjoyed everything about this movie! I loved Moana, Maui, Grandma Tala....hell, I even liked that stupid chicken!

As Big Hero 6 did, Moana brought so much emotion to me, and even as someone who lived in Hawaii for a few years (military brat) and didn't exactly 사랑 it, as most would think, I absolutely loved the culture. That's probably why I loved this movie, although it isn't 100% historically accurate (this is Disney, after all) it portrayed Polynesian culture really well. Plus, the plot really is cliche, but they are still super creative with it, that 당신 don't really realize it's cliche. Okay, obviously I like cliched 영화 lol.

I always find myself crying during, "I am Moana", because the 애니메이션 is so beautiful, the song itself is amazing and it was such a great part where the lesson is learned. It was such a great way to show Moana realizing who she is.

Okay, aside from all that, Moana was an amazing character- she had her flaws and strengths and in the end, she chooses to embrace who she is as both a voyager and chief.

Anyway, before I continue to ramble on, I hope 당신 enjoyed, and please keep your 코멘트 respectful.
So here's the most talked about movie in Disney's Revival Era, actually, probably in 디즈니 History. My opinion on it is kind of mixed as 당신 will see in this review so, bare with me.

First Impression

The very first commercial I was just meh about, but the 더 많이 the commercials came out and the 더 많이 people talked about it, I was really excited. I know when I first watched it I was a bit underwhelmed. I mean, I really enjoyed it, especially the sisterly relationship, but I don't think it was a flawless masterpiece. But let's be honest, most 영화 aren't.

I will go 더 많이 in depth in the review....
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So this is the third review I've done on this club, which means after this leaves Frozen, Big Hero 6, Zootopia and Moana. But right now we will focus on Wreck it Ralph. I will do the same categories as the other two reviews.

First Impression

This movie, I was actually really interested and excited to see, and although I wasn't blown away, I certainly wasn't disappointed either. From the first commercial I saw, I knew it would be a really creative plot, and I was right!


In my opinion, the characters wasn't the best part of the movie, as I found the whole universe 더 많이 interesting,...
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posted by WinterSpirit809
Hey! It's me again! This is my 초 review, as I am going to review each movie in the Revival Era. The first was The Princess and the Frog and now I'm reviewing Tangled!. This movie is actually pretty popular, but anyways here we go:

First Impression

When I first saw the 미리 보기 for Tangled, I wasn't particular excited, but I also didn't get that into 디즈니 until my teenage years, which was a few years later. However, I was genuinely surprised of how much I enjoyed it. I thought it was a great movie, and I still find myself watching over and over again.

I still cry when Eugene dies....but...
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Hello! This is WinterSpirit809, and I want to review each of the 디즈니 Revival Era movies, starting with the one that officially kicked off the era The Princess and the Frog, which was released in 2010. I know this movie has gotten mixed reviews, though I know Tumblr loved it, but I don't like to use Tumblr as an example too much, because it's just so...Tumblr. But here is my personal opinion on it.

First Impression

The commercial and the movie came out when I was around nine, so it's hard to remember how I felt about watching it. I remembered it being one of those things I wanted to watch,...
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added by Sparklefairy375
added by Sparklefairy375
 My current 아이콘 might be a clue...that I'm going to count the 영화 since TPatF.
My current icon might be a clue...that I'm going to count the movies since TPatF.
Walt 디즈니 애니메이션 has been on a roll for the past several years, and for me, none of these recent 영화 has disappointed. I'm a 팬 of most of them, and today I'm going to be counting down my favorites of the era. This is not a list of which ones I think are the best; these are the ones that I personally get the most enjoyment from watching and those that stick out the most in my mind.

8. Winnie the Pooh, 2011
While I thoroughly enjoyed the studio's two 이전 films, I didn't see a need to check this out in theaters. Even so, I was curious about it and caught it online within a 년 of...
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Source: 디즈니
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posted by ApplesauceDoctr
 2016 D23 Artwork
2016 D23 Artwork
As a way to kick off the club, I present this guide to the films of the 디즈니 Revival Era.
*Updated 03/03/18

There is no doubt that 디즈니 has been on a hot streak for the last few years, but discussions about which film started it all are common among 디즈니 팬 today. The following three films are sometimes considered part of the era, but this is subject to debate.

Meet the Robinsons (2007)
Walt 디즈니 애니메이션 Studio's 초 all-computer animated film Meet the Robinsons was released in 2007. It was something of a financial disappointment, but it fared a little better with...
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