I'll just be including the 영화 I've seen so far.

6. The Princess and the Frog
I find this movie to be very preachy, the plot convoluted and 애니메이션 terrible. Especially Rey, which I find hideous and repulsive. Normally I prefer 2D animation, but this is definitely the worst of them. The movie takes jabs and makes fun of 디즈니 tropes such as 사랑 at first sight in 신데렐라 또는 Pinnochio's wishing on a star. Basically it attacks 디즈니 and believing in dreams and tries to hammer down the idea that "one must work hard, believing is not enough blah blah blah" so much that it becomes annoying. They try to seem realistic 의해 attacking 디즈니 and the magic that makes 디즈니 디즈니 and appealing to 디즈니 haters instead of the fans. It's as if they think we're some sort of idiots who can't discern between fantasy/fiction and reality. It's not magical at all and read the book of the fairytale within the fairytale. Just no! The movie is so didactic, it comes across condescending of superiority. I prefer Rapunzel and Moana, which aren't so pushy with its message and focus on telling a good story. I don't like how Tiana is marketed and hailed as this role model on a pedestal because she is sooooooooo hardworking and promoting the workaholic mentality. That song with Mama Odie is just annoying. This movie had a cool concept but ruined it with its poor execution. Basically, I wasted 2 hours of my life. On the upside, I really like 샬럿, 샬 롯 and the New Orleans 음식 look really good.

5. Zootopia
This is the movie that I feel should be ranked higher, but it simply doesn't pique my interest as much. It's a buddy cop movie and I prefer 영화 that are 더 많이 exciting and adventurous. I like the city of Zootopia and the anthropomorphism is great. It's cute but I prefer other animal 영화 like Mickey, Pooh, The Lion King and Lady and the Tramp. The 음악 is really bad tbh. It's a decent movie just for a one-time watch.

4. Brave
I was debating on whether to put 메리다와 마법의 숲 behind Zootopia, but I find 메리다와 마법의 숲 to be 더 많이 interesting than Zootopia. The soundtrack is AMAZING and underrated. The story is good but the 애니메이션 lacking.

3. Tangled
It's very well-written and brings back some of that 디즈니 fairytale magic. I like the symbolism there like with Rapunzel being the sun, the chameleon being a camouflage just like Rapunzel who blends in well anywhere. I don't really like the CGI 애니메이션 as much as the 2D animation, but there are some nice scenes like the lantern scene which is impressive. Maximus is funny and I like Rapunzel's creative spirit. The 음악 is plain. If the 음악 were better, I probably would have liked the movie better because it's the 음악 that makes the movie. My 가장 좋아하는 scene is Kingdom Dance.

1.Moana - TIE
I 사랑 this movie SO MUCH. I 사랑 the friendship between the ocean and Moana. It makes for a very good story. It's just a very exciting and adventurous film. The Polynesian 음악 is incredible and the 애니메이션 is stunning, especially the ocean that adds to the gorgeous color scheme. I think Moana is better animated than Rapunzel, Anna 또는 Elsa. Like others have mentioned, I wish they that they would have brought Pua along. I like how the movie doesn't push its message and how they show that Moana could follow her dreams 또는 stay at 집 and it's okay either way. I could definitely watch this movie over and over again.

1.Frozen - TIE
Now this movie is an opposite situation I have Zootopia. It's a movie I feel that I should rank lower, but in actuality, it's my favorite. Elsa and Anna are such great characters. Elsa is so complex and the story and symbolism really make it relatable and emotional and powerful. The color scheme for the wintery 애니메이션 is beautiful and the 애니메이션 is great, but just not as great as some other 디즈니 movies. As for the soundtrack, the melody isn't as good as other 디즈니 songs, but I still 사랑 the songs and how they carry the story and show the characters' emotions, like Do 당신 Wanna Build a Snowman, For the First Time in Forever, and Let it Go. I just 사랑 사랑 사랑 this movie.