Like its name, 디즈니 Revival was completely a revival as well, from their flopped 영화 before the era. The era was begin in 2009 with link until the latest one link in 2016.

On this 기사 I want to share my list of 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Revival Era 영화 (I don’t include Winnie the Pooh since I haven’t seen it and I actually don’t really consider it as revival movie as well).

Anyway, here 당신 go! Started from the least until the most favorite:

7. The Princess and the Frog

This is the first 디즈니 Revival Era movie, and the only one who still use the hand-drawn animation, but the last on my 가장 좋아하는 list. I found it was the least interesting compared with the others.
The 애니메이션 is fine, have some good landscapes and the 음악 is okay, since I’m not a 팬 of its 음악 genre. The plot is fine at the beginning, shown Tiana’s hardwork to make her dreams come true, it can be inspiring sometimes. But after her and Naveen transform as frogs and going to the forest, it getting flat and boring, until the ending. I still don’t get it until now how can they finally 사랑 each other, they have lack of chemistry at all. They are very opposite.
They tried to made Tiana to be unique with her as first African-American princess and the most realistic one in order to achieve her dream. It was working as well, but in personality Tiana is kind of annoying, she’s judgemental and somewhat greed and rude. Her characteristic was totally failed, as she was shown to be hate frogs and don’t care about romance but later 키스 the frog Naveen as he promised her to help achieve her dream. It’s one of the most explicit plotholes that I found in this movie.
The villain is creepy and weird. Other characters are really unmemorable, with the exception of Charlotte. She’s the only character that I like in this movie. She’s funny and although she’s rich she isn’t snobbish, and befriended Tiana. Unfortunately she didn’t have 더 많이 scenes.
Overally this movie was the one who give big influences for starting Revival Era and marks the returning of Disney, but still lacks of storyline and some failed plotholes were found.

6. Big Hero 6

Well yeah, I somewhat feel guilty to put this one in the bottom near the last on my list. But what do we expect from a superhero movie?
The 애니메이션 is good and super detailed, especially in the city of San Fransokyo (this kind of 애니메이션 was introduced as “Hyperion” with Disney). But besides the technology and 애니메이션 detail, nothing more. The story is pretty generic, reused, and predictable as well, it’s understandable as this is a superhero-themed movie and yet, it’s an adaptation from Marvel.
I felt that nothing would change if there are only Hiro, Baymax, Tadashi, Yokai/Callaghan, 또는 maybe Krei, which were included on this movie. The others are only additionals and so one-dimensional characters. Honey Lemon, Gogo Tomago, Wasabi, and 프레드 are only created for joining Hiro’s team and can be called as “Big Hero 6”.
Baymax is the strongest appeal of this movie. Everyone seems to 사랑 him. What makes this movie is populer is definitely this marshmallow-like robot. Hiro, although he’s a bit underrated, has a deep-personality character. He’s a genius in age of 14, but still shown emotionally unstable with all tragedy happen in his life, what makes him so real and relatable. Among all of the characters, Hiro is the only one who really has personality as well. But as Disney's first collaboration with Marvel, it did well, at least this one is way 더 많이 universal and everyone can enjoy it.

5. Tangled

With 디즈니 release their version of the fairytale “Rapunzel” in 2010, they seems to modificated the original fairytale into a 더 많이 modern, catchy, and comedic one. In my view, some of aspects are well-done, but some aren’t really.
The 애니메이션 is nice although sometimes it was pretty similar with animations from 바비 인형 and 팅커벨 movies, but I like it and it brings the influences of Disney’s CGI 애니메이션 style in the 다음 movies. They did the great 애니메이션 when the lanterns are slowly flied 의해 the king and queen. Unless the 음악 is forgettable, with the exception of I See The Light.
Compared with The Princess and the Frog, 라푼젤 brings 더 많이 better fairytale adaptation in recent Disney. They change many of things from the original story, but it doesn’t ruin the story, instead it was changed into a fresh and enjoyable story. But I think the humors aren’t really funny imo, that might be the only thing that was fail from this movie.
Rapunzel is friendly and likeable character, and I like 디즈니 made her long blonde hair to have magic, it’s interesting. Flynn/Eugene is great too, he is a typical jerk at first, but later he manages to be better person. Mother Gothel is pretty fine, I think I’ll like her best between of all Disney’s Revival Villain. She isn’t the “surprised villain” like most of those current villains are, but I find her to be a great villain. She can manipulate Rapunzel and make her pretend she’s good, something that not all the villains can do. Overally, I can say 라푼젤 is one of the great fairytale adaptation of Rapunzel, but I just like the other four more.

4. Moana

Great achievement for the latest movie to be higher than the 이전 three! This movie is really doing a well-done job to brings the audiences to ethnical Polynesian cultures.
It has stunning 애니메이션 and beautiful songs and scores, probably the best in the Revival movies. The beach, forest, and ocean are looks very natural and real, and the musics are awesome, although I don’t understand some of the languages. It brings soul for this movie. I definitely like all of the songs except of Shiny, which was kinda cheesy.
Plot isn’t really new, a reused story and mixture of The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, and Mulan, but it still enjoyable to watch. They didn’t made it exactly same as those three movies. Instead I still found some of plotholes in this movie, like what’s the exact reason why the ocean choose Moana to save the world, and also what’s Maui’s reason to 스톨, 훔친 Te Fiti’s heart, it weren’t explained well during the movie.
Like Rapunzel, Moana is quitely likeable. She’s also a mix of Ariel and Merida, but she is the 더 많이 mature version of them both. She isn’t too rebellious and strong-headed. But unfortunately 디즈니 seems to focus with Moana only and made her as the best among all of characters, made peoples who watch this movie are tend to ignore the other characters as well, besides her and Maui. But I kind of dislike Maui, he’s overpride and he’s too easily to be forgiven. At least he deserve to got some punishment from what have he done, the conflicts are all because of him.
I do wish Moana bring Pua instead for the journey rather than Heihei, I find his stupid act is kind of annoying rather than funny. I’m kinda confusing with the villain here, either Kakamora, Tamatoa, 또는 Te Ka. But Te Ka isn’t really the villain, though. With all of stuffs in this movie, it feels 더 많이 like Disney’s Renaissance movie instead of a Revival movie.

3. Frozen

Okay, I know many peoples would be disagree with this placement, caused of all of the overpopularity this movie have. But in my perspective, 겨울왕국 is the one of the most influences 디즈니 Revival movie.
The 애니메이션 is nice but sometimes it seems decent. It only works best on the effects of ice and snow, plus Elsa’s ice castle. Music, well everyone already know that Let it Go is Disney’s most hyped song, unless besides it the others are kind of unmemorable. Some are sounds sweet like Do 당신 Want to Build a Snowman and For the First Time in Forever, but some like In Summer and Fixer Upper are sounds cheesy.
It was based from The Snow 퀸 의해 Hans Christian Andersen, but in my view 겨울왕국 is far different with the dark Snow 퀸 story. The plot is complex, it shown conflict about two sisters, an uncontrolled power, a kingdom in danger.
Elsa is the one of the most complex 디즈니 character, she was born with ice power and everyone though she’s evil and monster. Some peoples think Elsa is a coward, but I don’t think so. She’s just way too scared and she have no choice, that’s why she’s run away. A person tend to make bad choice if mad, sad, afraid, 또는 depressed, that’s what happen with Elsa. But with all of her flaws that’s what makes me like her so much. She’s relatable.
With her sister Anna, I don’t like her much. She’s somewhat like Rapunzel, but she’s silly and naive. She’s too much naive and stupid with believe with a strange person as her 사랑 and ask him to stay in the kingdom when she going away. I don’t understand what makes people likes her. The only thing I like from her is her selfless sacrifice for her sister.
They tried to bring something new with create Hans, a charming prince as the surprise villain, but it only made him is getting a lot of hate. He didn't really well for me as a villain. The other characters, are not much special, even Olaf. He is really like Minions in 디즈니 version, forced to be funny but not funny at all.
Nonetheless, I really like how 겨울왕국 brings good messages. Don’t easily trust the someone we just met. The act of true 사랑 can thaw the 겨울왕국 heart. Run away from problems doesn’t help us to solve our problem, it would be worse. 사랑 isn’t just about romance between boy and girl, but it can be between family, especially siblings.

2. Wreck-it Ralph

I find this movie to be really unique. They made the characters of video games are alive and have feelings, somewhat similar with Toy Story.
The 애니메이션 is unique and have their own style, depends from the video games. The 애니메이션 style in Fix-it-Felix game is probably based from 90s video game, in Sugar Rush it’s girly with candies and chibi characters, and in 히어로즈 Duty with military war game style. The 음악 is catchy but forgettable (unfortunately).
With the stunning visuals, this movie actually somewhat has kind of complex story for animated movie. Most of important characters are have their own miserable past.
Ralph is a great character, he was shown that the one who seems bad, isn't thoroughly bad at all. Rather than being someone who isn't real you, it's better than 당신 are just be yourself. And Vanellope is my 가장 좋아하는 character from this movie, she's such an adorable and spunky little girl. Most of the characters are great, with the exception of Felix, yeah dunno why I found him a bit boring. Wreck-it Ralph is one of the best 디즈니 Revival movies, sadly it was underappreciated and it even don't get an Oscar.

1. Zootopia

Another latest movie with great improvements! It was consist of the urban animal life, but I definitely 사랑 how the characters, conflicts, and issues, are resembles the humans on whole world nowadays. This movie proves that not every animated movie with talking animal characters are cheesy and cares for slapsticks humors only. Most of characters are quitely relatable and the strong prejudice between both majority and minority groups are really well-done here. Judy Hopps represent the majority group that was naively and optimist, while Nick Wilde represent the minority group that has miserable past. They both have great and natural chemistry between each other. The other sidekick characters and even the villains, are have their own charismatic here. Most of the jokes are satires and puns, what a great 옮기기 as it's kind of rare for an animated movie. The movie has balance both humors and serious moments. Really 사랑 how deep the messages from this movie, it shown us that minority group also can be prejudice against majority group. I'm sure teenagers and adults would 사랑 this movie, even 더 많이 than kids! 당신 did an excellent job with this movie, Disney! I hope there are 더 많이 영화 like this from 디즈니 in future.