Big Hero 6 is a 인기 디즈니 film. The film is about Hiro Hamada who teams up with 4 프렌즈 and a robot to save the world. This review is about discussing the film's bad and good qualities.

The Cons:

Not enough screen time for some characters: The comedy relief character (Baymax) kind of hogs screen time away from characters who deserved 더 많이 time to shine including Honey 레몬 and Mr. Krei.

Alan Tudyk deserves a bigger role: I'm tired of Mr. Tudyk playing decoy villains and secondary villains. He should be playing the main villain but 디즈니 keeps having him be secondary antagonists in this film, Frozen, 별, 스타 vs. the Forces of Evil, and Zootopia.

The Pros:

Honey Lemon: Honey is cool and stylish. 1 of my 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 female characters.

T. J. Miller: T.J. Miller is usually funny which is due to his nearly impossible to take seriously voice. He's pretty funny in this film as Fred.

The animation: The film's 애니메이션 is good. There's some impressive looking visuals in Big Hero 6.


I'm not a huge 팬 of Big Hero 6, but it's a pretty good film.