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posted by Cujo8it

Message me if 당신 want to be a part of this, open characters have no link beside them and if 당신 choose to be one the link to your blog will be beside said character name. If 당신 are absent for up to a 월 (without letting someone know that you’re going somewhere) then your character will be considered open again.
The Avengers

Tony Stark/Iron Man: link (Me)
Steve Rogers/Captain America:
Bruce Banner/Hulk:
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow:
Clint Barton/Hawkeye:


Director Nick Fury:
Agent Coulson:
Agent Hill:
Agent Whateverthehellyouwant:
Stark Tower Regulars

Pepper Potts:
Happy Hogan:
Colonel James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes/War Machine:
Jane Foster:
Darcy Lewis:
Betty Ross:

Avengers Watch List



Any Other Marvel Characters:

I’ll leave the pairings up to you, I’m a multishipping whore, so I’ll roll with anything.
Marvel's The Avengers(classified under the name Marvel Avengers Assemble in the UK and Ireland)is a 2012 American superhero film produced 의해 Marvel Studios and distributed 의해 Walt 디즈니 Pictures,1 based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. It is the sixth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film is scripted and directed 의해 Joss Whedon and features an ensemble cast that includes Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsg?rd and Samuel L. Jackson....
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posted by Obscurity98
Olivia sat in the room Pepper and Tony gave her, she stared at the stars form the window. Something felt worng to her. Her mind slipped back to Captain's almost kiss. And a shiver ran down her back. She knew she may never allow him to 키스 her without killing one of them. Sighing she wrapped her arms around herself and tried to rock hersefl to sleep.

In a deep sleep, Olivia was sure that Captain Wouldnt wake up. She sat down on the floornext to the bedin Captain's small apartment. she watched him breathe. Some how doing this, felt both right and wrong. Sighing she put a hand ot his head and...
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posted by SherlockStark
Here is a list of songs to make one think of Loki <3

- For Your Entertainment 의해 Adam Lambert

- Princes of the Universe 의해 퀸 (Loki & Thor)

- My Evil Plan to Save the World 의해 Five Iron Frenzy

- Mad World 의해 Gary Jules

- Let it Rock 의해 Kevin Rudolph

- Cold as Ice 의해 Firewind

- Numb 의해 Linkin Park

- Leave out all the Rest 의해 Linkin Park

- Going under 의해 Evanescence

- I'll Try 의해 Jesse McCartney

- Push 의해 Matchbox Twenty

- Underneath 의해 Adam Lambert

- No light, no light 의해 Florance + the Machine

- E.T. 의해 Katy Perry

- Made to be Ruled 의해 Vishal Bala

- Which to Bury, Us 또는 the Hatchet? 의해 Relient K (Loki & Thor)

- In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 의해 Coheed & Cambria

- Magic Man 의해 심장 (for all us fangirls XD)

- Undisclosed Desires 의해 Muse

- Zaubererbruder 의해 ASP (Loki & Thor)
posted by OwlEyes12
Track Listings
1. Live to Rise Performed 의해 Soundgarden
2. I'm Alive Performed 의해 Shinedown
3. Dirt and 장미 Performed 의해 Rise Against
4. Even If I Could Performed 의해 Papa Roach
5. Unbroken Performed 의해 Black Veil Brides
6. Breath Performed 의해 Scott Weiland
7. Comeback Performed 의해 Redlight King
8. Into the Blue Performed 의해 부시, 부시 대통령은
9. A New Way to Bleed (Photek Remix) Performed 의해 에반에센스
10. Count Me Out Performed 의해 PUSHERJONES
11. Shoot to Thrill Performed 의해 Theory of a Deadman
12. Wherever I Go Performed 의해 Buckcherry
13. From Out of Nowhere Performed 의해 Five Finger Death 펀치
14. Shake the Ground Performed 의해 Cherri Bomb

Before I started on this review, I found myself wondering which "phase" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) that "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2" found itself. Phase Two? Phase Three? In fact, I continued to ponder 더 많이 about the franchise's current phase than about the plot for this movie. Until I finally shook myself out of this stupor.

Back in 2014, Marvel Films/Disney Studios released "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY" during the 월 of August, 더 많이 또는 less a graveyard for summer films. I suspect that Kevin Fiege had low expectations...
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posted by deedragongirl
 거미 Man! 거미 Man!
Spider Man! Spider Man!
Hi guys, I happened to watch this film with my younger brother just now. I am very impressed 의해 it and here is my review!

The Story-Line

I was a bit disappointed that Toby Macguire did not reprise his role as the 제목 character, but I have to give a round of applause to Tom Holland for nailing Peter Parker perfectly! When I first watched the film, I thought that from the beginning it was going to be like the Blair Witch Project because it was recorded on Video Camera at the beginning.
The scariest part was the scene where 거미 Man climb the tall monument in Washington D.C., that hands were...
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posted by DR76

I am another moviegoer who is getting sick and tired of the regarding Marvel/Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films and Warner Brothers/D.C. Comics’ D.C. Extended Universe (DCEU) films. I have come across 기사 in which 팬 of both movie universes have accused the other of excessive bashing.

I never understood this rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics movie franchises. To be honest, I find it unnecessary. And I believe today's audiences are getting too caught up in this so-called rivalry, thanks to the media, the studios and the two comic book conglomerates....
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Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) scored its first big box office hit of 2016 with the release of "CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR". Six months later, the organization and producer Kevin Fiege scored another hit with its first adaptation of the Marvel Comics character, Doctor Strange.

Directed 의해 Scott Derrickson and starring Benedict Cumberbatch in the starring role, "DOCTOR STRANGE" told unveiled the origin story of a successful New York City neurosurgeon named Dr. Stephen Strange, whose career ends when he loses the use of both hands in a traumatic...
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I am so disappointed with Marvel. And I am especially disappointed with its latest entry for the Marvel Cinematic Universe - namely "CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR". I never thought I would be so disappointed with a Captain America film, considering how much I loved "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER" and especially "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER".

As for "CIVIL WAR", I found it disappointing. Worse, I left the movie theater feeling unusually angry. And a great deal of my anger was focused on Tony Stark aka Iron Man’s role as the movie’s...
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In the 2013 Marvel movie, The Avengers, there are many examples of religious motifs. There are seven major religious motifs that I will be addressing; Messianic hero, immortality, free will and determinism, prophecy, evil, mysticism, and apocalypse. All of these religious motifs can be found throughout the movie. With many examples to support each of these motifs, I’ve chosen a few that I think best represent each religious motifs. But first, here is a quick recap of what happens in case 당신 have never seen the movie…
The Avengers is about a group of superheroes and humans that come together...
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which first began back in 2008, edged closer to the completion of its 초 phase with the release of "THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON". This 초 film featured the return of the team of superheroes that saved Earth from an alien invasion in the 2012 film, "THE AVENGERS".

In reality, the movie began with the "AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D." Season Two episode, (2.19) "The Dirty Half Dozen", in which Phil Coulson and his team managed to infiltrate a HYDRA base led 의해 one Doctor List and discover the location of the secret base...
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Most of the films featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been set on Earth - mainly in the United States - and featured human characters. There have been exceptions - namely the two "THOR" 영화 that were partially set in the realm of Asgard and 2012's "THE AVENGERS", which featured an alien invasion. For the first time, the MCU released a movie mainly set in worlds other than Earth. And it is called "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY".

Directed 의해 James Gunn, who wrote the film with Nicole Perlman, "GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY" told the story...
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In one of the opening scenes, the gang is celebrating with a swank party in the peak of Stark’s New York City skyscraper—formerly Stark Tower, it’s now the headquarters for the Avengers.

Tony Stark sees the soiree as a chance for the Avengers to schmooze with the city’s powerbrokers in a post-S.H.I.E.L.D. environment, showing that they are not merely superpowered vigilantes. Half-filled glasses of wine, bottles of beer, and partially eaten plates of sushi and 쿠키 litter the tables in this three-story marble and steel structure, constructed entirely within the soundstage—complete...
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I was trained 의해 Black Widow and Hawkeye. Coulson taught me how to be a handler and such. Stark tried to make me a suit, but I refused. He did build me a hoverboard, to make the commute from the Tower to the Helicarrier much easier. Either that 또는 I ask my boyfriend, Agent James Morris. He will fly me anywhere in a Quinjet, mostly so that he can teach how to fly it myself.

Anyway, I will have my first story up 의해 다음 week, most likely.

Hope to hear from you,

Agent Carly Thim.
posted by SherlockStark
Here is a list of songs that make one think of Tony Stark, our 가장 좋아하는 genious, billionaire, 플레이보이 philanthropist. <3

- Oh No! 의해 마리나, 선착장 & The Diamonds

- Tony's Theme 의해 The Pixies

- Don't Let Him Go 의해 REO Speedwagon

- I'd Die for 당신 의해 본 조비

- Give Peace a Chance 의해 Robert Downey Jr.

- Sexy and I Know it 의해 LMFAO

- State of Mind 의해 38th Parallel

- Back in Black 의해 AC/DC

- The Show Must Go On 의해 퀸

- Just Another Name 의해 Lifehouse

- Womanizer 의해 Britney Spears

- Marry the Night 의해 Lady Gaga (mostly due to the "make 사랑 to stark" line :) )

- War Machine 의해 AC/DC

- 당신 Spin me Round 의해 Dead 또는 Alive

- Man in the Mirror 의해 Michael Jackson

- The Elements 의해 Tom Lehrer

- Shoot to Thrill 의해 AC/DC

When I first heard that another movie based upon the Marvel Comics character – Bruce Banner/the Hulk – would hit the theaters soon, the word in both Hollywood and on the Internet was that it would be better than the 2003 film directed 의해 Ang Lee, namely "THE HULK". Well, I have finally seen "THE INCREDIBLE HULK". Below is what I think of the film and whether I believe if it has surpassed the 2003 movie.

The first film that starred Eric Bana as Bruce Banner ended with the main character in South America, providing medical services to impoverished...
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"THE HULK" (2003) Review

Poor Ang Lee. His 2003 adaptation of the Marvel Comics character, Bruce Banner aka the Hulk, has been the target of hostility and contempt from comic book 팬 for the past six-to-seven years. After Universal Pictures had released Louis Leterrier’s adaptation back in 2008, many had declared his film superior to Lee’s movie. But after recently viewing the 2003 movie, I do not believe I can agree with their assessment. Mind you, I am not claiming that Lee’s film was better than Leterrier’s. The 2008 film possessed certain aspects that Lee’s movie lacked. But...
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posted by Obscurity98
Natasha and Pepper crushed Olivia to the bone when they saw her. Bruce gave her a quick hug afraid of hurting her, but no one seemed to notice that she was blind.
That was until Thor said hi. She was smiling at him, but not directly at him. and she held out her arms instead of going to his, were were stretched out as well. Thor hugged her and asked, "IS everything okay Olivia 당신 seem off. Nay my friend 당신 seem as earthlings say, "Out of it"."
Olivia would have stared at him if she knew where Thor was, "Yes, there's a problem." But before she told them what it was she said, "Captain, the couch...
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posted by Obscurity98
3 years later:

Captain America sat on the bar 발판, 자 with Tony as a bartender. After some time, Pepper had finally convinced Tony to let the Avengers have their 집 within their mansion. Each with their own rooms, and everything. Even bathrooms. Natasha rarely spent time in her room, when she wasn't on a mission, around with Pepper, 또는 in Clint's room. (wink wink)
Tony stared at Captain then at the clock. "Cap, aren't 당신 supposed to be heading over to Army Base right now?" Steve didn't answer, instead he took another gulp of scotch.
Tony sighed, Ever since Olivia sent them home, Captain never...
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