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본즈 and Booth wedding day!
Part three:

Yes, I know it has taken me forever to write this, but I had forgotten about it and then school was so busy! But never mind, this is the third part and there is only one 더 많이 part to go! So I hope 당신 enjoy 읽기 it! And that it was worth the wait! :) And btw thanks for being so patient!

At that moment, Booth felt as if his 심장 was going to explode out of his chest. There he was on supposedly the most important 일 of his life, sprinting down a busy...
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So this is the first ever 팬 fiction I have ever written! It’s only a short piece and there is 더 많이 to follow but I’d 사랑 to hear your feedback on it!

(Picture the scene: Its Brennan and Booth’s wedding day. Both the guys and the girls are in separate rooms getting ready.)

The Boys Room:

Booth is alone in the room and is nervously fixing his bow tie for about the millionth time.
“Okay, so you’ve got this far. You’re doing good.” (He stares at himself in the mirror. He looks down at his bow tie and yet again undoes it) Why I am so nervous?” He thought to himself. “I 사랑 her....
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Heres part two of my 팬 fiction! Sorry it took so long!! Enjoy!
(The Boys Room)
“Knock Knock!” A voice bellowed from behind the door and Dr. Wyatt flew through it. “And how are we now, hum?!”
Wyatt was stopped in his tracks as he saw Booth leaning his head on Cam’s shoulders. “Oh opsie daisy!” He said, clearly uncomfortable and he wasn’t sure where to look.
“It’s not what 당신 think” Cam started. She stood up and gestured at the door. She and Wyatt stepped out and closed the door behind them. Booth, who was 로스트 in his own...
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