"Robin! What has happened. We did not defeat her! How could this be?" asked a panicked Starfire. Robin shaked his head as he said, "What happened? I was so focused when suddenly I remebered..." his voice grew quiet. Beast Boy came to as well & he rubbed his eyes."She hypnotized me. I have no clue what happened!" Raven & Cyborg got up, "She may look really weak but, she is at least 20 times stronger than me!" They all looked at Robin,"Who was that?"

Over at Slade's place Slade was thinking about Scarlet. At her young supposed age has she done 더 많이 trouble than anyone combined. But she was a 6,000 년 old vampire. What could 당신 expect? She reached into her 재킷, 자 켓 & pulled out a glowing blue diamond. "OK." she started saying sitting on Slade's desk. "I got your precious diamond. Now tell me." she said raising her voice."Where is Storm?" Slade stood up, & went & held her shoulders."Why would 당신 need Storm when 당신 have me?" Scarlet backed up,"You promised me that 당신 would tell me where Storm was!" She flashed back to Storm's face. Handsome with his vampire fangs & with his hair held back in an evil yet hot style. His deep brown eyes. As Scarlet came to reality she saw Slade looking at her. She looked up & yelled,"TELL ME WHERE HE IS!!! 당신 SAID HE DIED BUT I KNOW HE'S ALIVE!!!! 당신 SAID SO YOURSELF!!!!" She collapsed crying in her hands, dropping the diamond to Slade. He bent over & picked it up. He placed the diamond in his pocket & held her back up. He looked at her face as she saw him with teary eyes. She grabbed his arms & said through clenched teeth,"Tell me where he is. Tell me 또는 I'll kill you." He smiled evily & said,"Then who is the one other person that can help 당신 when 당신 are damaged from your cyborg side." He let her go & slapped her. No matter what she did, he always won.