Kid Flash and Jinx(Aka:Flinx):Kid Flash goes good with Jinx and I think Jinx is cute when she's mad.(thanks to pinkmare, I'm strongly supporting Flinx.)Do 당신 think kid flash would really call Jinx "Jinxy winxy"?(Answer in comment,please.)
Bumblebee and Cyborg:They're funny together altough they don't show any proof they like each other.
*Note:I may do a couple I already told 당신 cuz I just like talking about them*
Kitten and Fang:Kitten and Fang's relationship is fun to talk about.I personally think Fang is a boy slightly eaten 의해 a spider.(please don't sue me!)They kinda look cute together even though a 거미 is 키싱 a girl.