Speedy:I wonder why Red X likes Cheshire...
Aqualad:Time for combat practice,Speedy!
In Speedy's bedroom...
Cheshire:I wonder why Speedy likes me.Is it because he likes my personality,or because I'm cute?I'll ask him later.
Cheshire gets out of Speedy's room and escapes Titans East without being seen.
After combat practice...
Speedy:I'm gonna see Cheshire now,okay Aqualad?
At Cheshire's 가장 좋아하는 spot...
Cheshire:Speedy,why do 당신 like me?
Speedy:I like 당신 because,I like 당신 for who 당신 are,and also, 당신 사랑 me back.
Cheshire:Come closer to me.
Speedy and Cheshire 키스 again.*smooch*
Speedy:Why does Red X like you?
Cheshire:He was my ex.He's running back to me now.
Speedy:Oh,okay.So,what are we gonna do now?
Cheshire:I dunno.Find a good 아니메 movie?
Speedy:Anime's not my thing.
Speedy:Well,action's one of my things.
After the movie...
Cheshire:That was fun.See ya later,Speedy.
Speedy:Okay.Love you.
When Speedy got back at Titans East he goes to bed.