It was morning and Speedy was talking to Aqualad.
Aqualad:Are 당신 sure Cheshire's the right girl?She almost killed you.
Speedy:I'm sure.She thought I wanted to fight then kissed me!
Aqualad(with singsong voice): She likes you!She likes you!
Speedy:Well it's my turn to get groceries.I'll be back later.
Speedy was walking to the store when he seen Cheshire again.
Speedy and Cheshire lean in and 키스 each other.
When Speedy got back at Titans East...
*overlapping chatter*
Speedy:What 당신 guys talking about?
Aqualad:Your girlfriend.(slaps hand over mouth)Sorry.I told them about her.
Speedy just goes up to his room and seen Cheshire there.
Cheshire:I climbed the building.I wanted to see you.
Speedy laid down on the 침대 with Cheshire.
Speedy:Cheshire...Can we 키스 some 더 많이 또는 something?
Cheshire:Just make it good.
They hold each other and kiss.
Cheshire:I 사랑 you.I'm sorry I tried to kill you.
Speedy:It's okay.Wanna go out soon?
Cheshire:Sounds good.
(when Cheshire left...)
Speedy:I 사랑 her so much.