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it is so funny
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dawn and scott
total drama revenge of the island
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 true 사랑
true love
Chris:its a new sesaon new players and 더 많이 dangerous challenges thats right its total drama wipeout!!!!!

Chef:and new 음식 too

Chris:right well lets meet last sesaons casts... anna-meria dawn scott zoey mike beverly brick jo and some new casts members,marly gail chuck max omalara kobie,the twins luke and lulu last but not least emma.......and 3 classic cast members owen beth and heather

Harold:hey dont forget me

Chris:yea and the loser,ok now for ur first challenge u have to run throught that 3 mile bridge and get through all the ospicles if not youll get wet 의해 the buckests...
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look at her face 당신 can tell she likes scott :)
Hi the story starts off with Dawn and B, but don't worry its a Dott story.

~Dawns POV~

It was a cool summer evening. That total drama crap was all done. I must admit the nicest guy on the show was B. We have been dating for a little. But usually its complicated trying to read his aura while I try to do things with him. I looked through my bag of stuff I collected and I found a 상어 tooth. I remembered it belonged to Scott. He lived in the same apartment as me. (He moved from that farm place.) I ringed his doorbell.

Well well well if it isn't the weirdo, said Scott

I found your 상어 tooth, I...
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